Monday, March 29, 2010


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These three pictures are my pumpkins from the last three Halloweens. I am not one to
carve out the skin of the pumpkins and carve faces.  I like to add different things to it that
I can find and kind of make it look 3d.  My favorite things to use are glue on nails ( wich I
use mainly for teeth.  The eyeballs are ping pong balls (I can either find them in white or
luckely they also come in orange.  The other thing I like to use are bamboo skewers, I usually
use them for the hair or in the instance of one of them I used them through the nose.  I also have used
staples, usually when I put a cut or scar in them I use them to look like stiching.

Most of the stuff I use I get from the Dollar store or Walmart.  Ping pong balls are easy to work
with they can be turned at any angle.  To hold them in I will dril a small hole in both sides and use
either a tooth pick or a skewer to hold them in.  The fake finger nails, I use for teeth and to make
them look different, like sharp or jagged, I used a pair of scissors to cut them. 
I love having one large pumpkin head and using smaller pumpkins as the young ones.
Pumpkins eating their young, isn't that what Halloween is all about! I sometimes refer to the smaller
pumkins like popcorn chicken.  You can never get enough!!   So far my favorite one is the very first one
in the pictures.  I did that one for Halloween 2009.  He's my cannibal pumpkin with the skewers through
the nose and in the top like a mohawk.  His hands are just the right size for keeping a couple extra small
pumkins for an after dinner snack!!! HE! HE! HE!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


  This is a full picture of my 2009 graveyard haunt during the day. This year I added alot of new tombstones.  The witches were also added and so was the ground breaker coffin and the one with the hands coming out.   The second picture is of my porch area. It is covered so it leaves alot of room for my skelleton spiders of all different sizes and also the spider egg sacks. After it was all up I used a hot glue gun to make more realistic webs. The third picture is a close up of what they look like.  I tried one of those that used air but it leaked and just didn't work very well and the air leaked out. I will later tell you how I did this.

Monday, March 22, 2010


  This is my very first post to my blog.  I intend to get more organized and show some pictures of what I have
done and what I am doing.  I am an avid fan of Halloween and Christmas. I plan to share photos and how to's of how I decorate for these two holidays. I like to make my own props, my theme for the last few years
has been a grave yard and every year I add more and more to it.  Pictured will be posted in time.  Also during Christmas I usually deocrate the outside and inside and let my family decorate the tree.  Pictures of my different creations will be shown once I get a hange of this.