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This diy comes from .  Really a neat idea and smart idea. Enjoy!

Bottle Cap Candles how make tiny candles using old bottle caps! fun easy diy tutorial.

these tiny candles are a really fun to make and come together quickly. AND you can up-cycle several materials in the process, to make these colorful tiny candles, i used several materials that usually end up in a land fill: bottle caps, broken crayons, and empty soup cans. the only thing i bought to make them was the pre-waxed wicks which cost me $1.50 for a set of 12.
these make a great kid craft {with supervision, of course!} and would add a fun element to a wedding, romantic dinner, or even a fab conversation piece in your front room!

How to Make Bottle Cap Candles

bottle caps, crayons {or wax}, pre-waxed wicks, soup cans, wax paper {optional}, small cooking pan, scissors, and water

remove paper from crayons. you can also use candle wax if you wanted.

put crayons in clean, empty soup cans.

take y…


This recipe comes from .  Somehow she has some of the best ideas and recipes around.  I hope you enjoy this one.  Almonds and chocolate in moderate amounts are supposed to be good for you.  So why not bring them both together into one snack.

Cocoa Cardamom Espresso Roasted Almonds
Lately, one of my favorite snacks is roasted almonds. Almost everyone I know loves to munch on nuts (and they’re not so filling that they’ll spoil your dinner!), but I prefer to make my own than buy a can of pre-seasoned nuts. By roasting my own almonds, I have the opportunity to get a bit creative with fun flavors.
This time around, I decided to play around with cardamom (I still can’t get enough cardamom) and cocoa. Who doesn’t love chocolate? To bring out the chocolate flavor, I also added some espresso powder. These not-too-sweet cocoa roasted almonds are bound to be popular with all of your Thanksgiving guests.
Even if you’re not hosting this year, you won’t want to miss t…


Burns Night is annually, celebrated in Scotland on or around January 25th. It commemorates the life of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on January 25, 1759. The day also celebrates Burns' contribution to Scottish culture. Burns' best known work is "Auld Lang Syne".

What People Do?

    Many people and organizations hold a Burns' supper on or around Burns' Night. These may be informal, only for men, only for women, or for both genders. Formal events include toasts and readings of pieces written by Robert Burns. Ceremonies during a Burns' Night supper vary according to the group organizing the event and the location.

    The evening centers on the entrance of the haggis (a type of sausage made from a sheep's stomach) on a large platter to the sound of a piper playing bagpipes. When the haggis is on the table, the host reads the "Address to Haggis". This is an ode that Robert Burns wrote to the Scottish dish. At the end of the …