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Christmas is all about gifts, snow and Santa Claus. However, there are certain facts about the holiday that you don’t know and probably wouldn’t even want to!

1. The Myrrh Tree     Everybody is aware of the fact that Jesus received myrrh as a gift from the magi which is basically tree sap that is dried out. What people don’t know is that the first myrrh tree came into being because Myrrha was indulging in sexual activities with her father and once her father realized it, he tried to kill her. However, she escaped and was turned into a tree.

2. The Defecating Caganer     Every nativity set consist of Mary, Joseph and their baby Jesus. The family is often surrounded by animals, shepherds and other figures. In places like Italy and Spain, one figure will be that of the caganer who will be placed away from the manger and will be seen defecating.

3. Saint Nicholas     Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, is known to have brought three children back to life. These children were stayi…


This diy was found at .  Who doesn't want to learn to tie better bows for those holiday packages or wreaths?   I know I do.   I hope this helps, good luck!

The Secret To Tying The Perfect Bow, Just In Time For The Holidays!

I recently received a gift from a talented artist and while the book they chose was great, the bow they tied the gift with was amazing. Now I consider myself a bit of a ribbon expert. After ten years in the magazine business, I've done my fair share of ribbon styling, but this particular bow had an extra touch that made it worthy of its own blog entry. And here's the secret:
It's all about what I call the ribbon tail. Here are the how-to instructions with photos:
Start with good quality ribbon- like fabric, expensive ribbon falls better than cheap ribbon. A double sided satin ribbon works best as you don't have to fuss with the good side and bad side. Also, you'll need about meter of ribbon to tie a good bow, plus howev…


This recipe comes from .  Every man, woman and child loves some kind of Hostess cupcake.  Why not try and make some of these delicious treats yourself?

It occurred to me the other day as we walked through our neighborhood Target that my son had never had Hostess Cupcakes before. Not only has he not had Hostess Cupcakes, but he hasn’t had a single Hostess brand treat. We just don’t buy them. We try to avoid processed food whenever possible, but additionally, we don’t eat sweets all that often. I figure the kids get sweets often enough at school and church events to make up for my lack of everyday baking. Really, though, my newly 6-year-old son refused to eat cake or go near frosting. It’s only recently that he’s had a change of heart. Seeing as it was his birthday and he was asking me all about the Hostess Cupcakes on the end cap at the store, I agreed that we could instead make them together, our very own Homemade Hostess Cupcakes. After considering several re…


This diy comes from .  The holidays are just around the corner and these in different sizes would look great during the winter holidays.

3-D Cardboard Star

I have one thing from my Fourth of July mantel done, wahoo! I better get cracken cause the 4th is just around the corner! If you are in a Independence Day mode too, why not make one of these fun 3-D cardboard stars!

Here is what I did: Grab an empty box of cereal. Trace and cut out two stars. Score both stars from their tips to the indented parts (5 times each star). Push the stars out on the score lines by the tips and push in by the indented parts.

If that doesn't make sense to you, head over and follow this tutorial.

Glue the stars together. I used hot glue.

Once dry, spray paint them your color of choice. Distress with ink if desired.