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Here's another cool idea from .  Give your soda bottle a little personality!

     Father’s Day is just a couple of weeks away.

I thought it would be fun to come up with another easy little gift item for Dad or for the Father’s in your life. This one is so simple. All you need is to grab a six pack of his favorite beverage and add some of these fun little “cover-ups” to personalize them.

I chose to go with a six pack of Coca-Cola bottles in the 8 fl. oz size, mainly because they were cute and little. And cute is what it is all about right?

I made some white shirts and ties to represent all the hardworking Dads…

Or you can skip the white shirt and just go with a tie.

And I included a “Hawaiian” shirt and sun visor for the Dad’s who like to play…

Pretty simple and fun! And of course, I have provided you with the same patterns that I used for mine. These will fit the smaller bottles as you can see in the pictures. If you would like to use a larger bottle, yo…


The legend ofSt. Urho originated in Northern Minnesota in the 1950's. However, there are differing opinions as to whether it began with the fables created by Sulo Hvumaki of Bemidji, or the tales told by Richard Mattson of Virginia. Either way, the legend has grown among North American of Finnish descent to the point where St. Urho is know celebrated across the United States and Canada, and even in Finland.
St. Urho's Day is celebrated on March 16th, the day prior to the better known feast of some minor saint from Ireland, who was alleged to have driven the snakes from that island.
    The legend of St. Urho say he chased the grasshoppers out of ancient Finland, thus saving the grape crop and the jobs of Finnish vineyard workers. He did this by utter the phrase : "Heinasirkka, heinasirkka, mentaaita hiteen"! ( roughly translated: " Grasshopper, grasshopper, go to Hell"!). His feast is celebrated by wearing the colors Royal Purple and Nile Green. St. Urh…