Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right! Here I  am stuck in the middle of them! (a little verse from a Gerry Rafferty song).  Clowns could be a nightmare to someone suffering from Coulrophobia.  It is estimated that as many as 1 out of 7 people suffers from a fear of clowns.
   For those suffering from Courophobia, Bozo and his red-nosed brethren are anything but funny or amusing.  Surprisingly, the fear of clowns is one of the top ten most common phobias.  While it may seem funny that grown men and women alike may shirk in fear from seemingly harmless, albeit doofy characters with over-sized shoes and rainbow suspenders, for them it is no laughing matter. While the cause of Courophobia isn't necessarily known and is different for everyone, one common theory holds that the root cause most likely stems fro a traumatic childhood experience.  Maybe you were squirted by one too many trick flowers while a white faced clown laughed in your face; or perhaps you had a coat rack in your room growing up that resembled an evil menacing bozo-like character when the lights were off.

 The image of the evil clown has become a cliche' in today's society.  From Bart Simpson's "Can't sleep clowns will eat me" to The Joker of Batman fame, clowns are not always the picture of fun.  Whatever the case, I'm sure the release of "It", The Steven King novel and movie that had a clown named Pennywise in it.  He had razor sharp teeth and drug children into the sewer.

 John Wayne Gacy, an American serial killer, convicted and executed for the rape and murder of 33 boys and men, between 1972 and the time of his arrest in 1978, was known as the "Killer Clown" because he attended many block parties dressed in a clown suit and makeup under the name of Pogo the Clown.  Koko the Killer Clown appears in a sideshow at Coney Island.  Homey D. Clown from the comedy show "In Living Color", was an ex-con drug addict with a penchant for violence.  Not to mention the 1988 movie "Killer Clowns from Outer Space", and the nasty clown doll in the movie "Poltergeist".

   As phobias are no laughing matter, the same with all mental health problems, it is worth noting that there are steps for overcoming such aversions if you are one of the poor people facing such a crippling and debilitating fear that it impedes your life.  There are sufferers who are so petrified of clowns that they are sent into panic attacks at the mere sight of an outfitted clown.  There are treatment methods that include hypnotherapy, medications, and immersion therapy; where the patient is forced to face the very crux of their phobia.  Luckily, as it isn't everyday that the circus comes to town and you're forced to be faced with those bizarre polka-dot painted clowns everyday, most people re likely to simply avoid them when they can and get on with their perfectly productive lives!

Still, it leads one to question what a particularly evil posse of clowns could be capable of and what sort of havoc they could incur.  Hollywood has given us a few possible ideas, and if you aren't a Courophobic yet, you may be after viewing one of these clown horror movies!

  • Fear of Clowns
  • IT
  • The Clown Murders
  • Secrets of the Clown
  • Dead Clowns
  • We All Scream for Ice Cream
  • Final Draft
  • Killer Clowns From Outer Space
   You don't have to be a kid to be sent crawling under your bedsheets for safety.  If the creepy little clown mobile hanging in your room sends you crying to mama, you may want to switch that nightlight on for safety!!!


Nightmare Before Christmas Jack in the Box Scary Toy Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

1-Dollar Tree craft pumpkin
1- USPS Priority Mail Box 7"x7"x6" (free @ USPS)

           1- Semi-rigid Aluminum Flexible Hose
           1- Pink Foam Insulation Square 7"x7"x2" cut
           12" PVC Pipe Segment
          Air Dry Clay
          Acrylic Paints
          Sand (or Something to weight the bottom of the box)
          Exacto Blade

Approx. Cost: $5 or less
(Depending on what you already have at home)

Time Invested: 3 hours


    If your calendar is like mine, we're both missing out.  Did you know that you can celebrate a different holiday every day during the month of October?  Check out the list of special holidays, guaranteed to be thought-provoking, or just make you laugh and scratch your head!

October 1st-World Vegetarian Day, a day when all are urged to partake in meatless menus, and for those already living the vegetarian lifestyle to celebrate the choice that safeguard their own health, protects the earth.

October 2nd-Name Your Car Day, a day set aside to choose a name for your car that suits its character.  Let's just hope your car doesn't have a personality like the one in Stephen King's book Christine!

October 3rd-Income Tax Day.  I'm not sure why anyone would want to actually celebrate the day that the Government takes more and more of our hard earned money away.  It has been around since, 1913.

October 4th-Visit Your Cousin in Prison Day.  Just don't forget the cake with the file in it.  The old saying "blood is thicker than water" rings true on this day.

October 5th-National Diversity Day.  A day to celebrate and strive to understand and accept the races, religions, nationalities, disabilities, sexual orientations, ages and genders that make up our world population.

October 6th-World Smile Day.  Give everyone you meet a big cheesy smile!  Harvey Ball, who created the smiley face back in 1963, also had the idea for World Smile Day.  Mr. Ball was concerned that his smiley face had become too commercialized, and decided everyone should set aside one day each year to spread smiles and random act of kindness all over the world.

October 7th-Bathtub Day.  This day celebrates the initial British appearance in 1828 of the bathtub as a part of our everyday life.

October 8th-Tube Top Day.  Commemorating the first appearance of the tube top, a wardrobe staple of all every woman and well built girl in the 80's.  Come to think of it that's probably the last time I've seen someone wear one of those.  I think every red blooded guy would like to see more tube tops worn these days.

October 9th-Meet A Friend for Lunch Day.  Take time out of your busy work day to schmooze with your best friend.

October 10th-Tuxedo Day.  Celebrating the American debut of the tux in 1886 in New York City.

October 11th-You Go, Girl Day.  A day for celebrating courageous women who go out into the world and accomplish their goals by never giving up.

October 12th-World Egg Day.  Yes, the humble egg, staple food of the masses.  Especially after the bad eggs that hit the market in the past few months.

October 13th-U.S. Navy Day.  Back in the 1970's it was discovered that the birthday of the Continental Navy was October 13th, 1775, and this date was chosen as the official holiday.

October 14th-Monarch Day.  Nature lovers in California anticipate this day when millions of monarch butterflies return to Santa Cruz, Fremont, Malibu, Big Sur, and other coastal California cities.

October 15th-National Grouch Day.  Celebrate your favorite grouch on this day. Buy him or her a laxative or some other gift to help with their digestion.  Show them that you care!

October 16th-World Food Day.  First celebrated world wide in 1945, this day fosters awareness and understanding of world hunger.

October 17th-Brain Cell Reduction Day.  Must be for all the pot smokers and all other recreational drug takers.
October 18th-Long Distance Day.  A holiday to commemorate the first long-distance phone line that was established between New York City and Chicago in 1892.

October 19th-Dress Like a Total Dork Day.  How does one dress for this day? Call one of your buddies that you met on Brain Cell Reduction Day.

October 20th-Shampoo Day.  Conceived to celebrate the history of shampoo.  So the next time you're in the shower, raise a bottle of shampoo in memory of this day.

October 21st-Can Can Day.  Commemorated the first performance of the popular dance in 1858 in Paris, France.

October 22nd-Used Car Day.  The first used car dealership was opened in 1897 in London, England.  This day has been set aside to recognize the beginning of what is now a time honored way of buying a vehicle (lemon).

October 23rd-Do It Yourself Day.  Be motivated to choose a challenge, then go out and succeed.

October 24th-Match Day.  This holiday commemorates the day Alonzo Philips in 1836, first patented the invention of the household match.

October 25th-Picasso Day.  The birthday of the modern artist Pablo Picasso, born in 1881.

October 26th-Mule Day.  Remembering the first mules who ever arrived in the U.S. in 1785.

October 27th-Boxer Shorts Day.  These undershorts first appeared in 1901.

October 28th-Statue of Liberty Day.  In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York harbor, and this day celebrated Lady Liberty, symbol of freedom.

October 29th-The Internets Birthday.  It all started back in 1979, when two college students linked computers at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On this day, let's all email a birthday card to our dear friend the Internet!!

October 30th-Bodybuilders Day.  This holiday is celebrated on the birthday of Charles Atlas,the famous bodybuilder, who was born on this day in 1893.  So everyone on this day, go outside and strike a "where's the beach" pose.

October 31st-Halloween Day and National Magic Day.  This day honors the memory of the great magician, Harry Houdini, who died on this date in 1926.  So when you go to door to door on Halloween and get your treats, do a couple of extra tricks for good measure!!