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This recipe and diy comes from .  Making them your self is better than buying them from the store and what a better way of making sugar treats than with your children. Good luck! Recipe: Candy Buttons (Candy Dots) Remember the strips of colored candy dots on paper? You would strip the candy off with your teeth, and end up with just a little bit of paper in your mouth? If you had siblings, you just might nibble the paper into a small weapon? (I wouldn’t do that, of course, but SOMEONE might).
Well, that started me thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool to make candy buttons? Perfect for movie night.
I was lucky I had this idea when I had willing helpers (my beautiful and talented nieces Miranda and Monica). If you are lucky, you will find some willing helpers as well.

You don’t need a lot of ingredients. This picture features several food coloring and extract choices, but really I would think four colors would be fine. You will notice I have parchment paper on …


When it comes to libido-boosting foods, you can always expect to find dark chocolate, wine, and oysters topping the list of aphrodisiacs. But if you’re only nibbling your Hershey Bar, you’re just getting warmed up. There is a heady menu ahead filled with passionate edibles that lovers world-wide swear will rev up your romance and enhance your sex life. If you want to save your strawberries for the morning’s corn flakes, you can still give your night some wild flavor with these weird and wonderful aphrodisiacs. Some of the items on this list have featured elsewhere on the site, but this is the first time they are presented together with the new items in a list about lurve!

10. Soup # 5
    Strong like a bull is a phrase that attracts some lovers to this four-legged mammal with a notorious temper. In areas of Southeast Asia, a soup (known as soup # 5) composed of onions, carrots, broth and bull’s penis and testicles is a popular dish noted for its aphrodisiac properties. The part…


The attraction of snakes seems to be a huge pull factor, and seemingly the whole world's major ophidiophillaccs (snake lovers) often accompanied by their snakes, alongside keen photographers, descend on the small medieval town of Cocullo, in the Abruzzo Majella Mountains, ready to take part in this festival which has been re-enacted in its current Christian format each year, apart from 2009.

    There are three supposed origins to theCocullo Snake Festival....In the 11th century, apparently Saint Dominic cleared the local fields which were being overrun by snakes, and as a sign of thanks, since 1392, the locals parade his statue and snakes around the streets. The second version dates to 700 B.C., locals experienced the same problems in tending to their field and Apollo ordered the village to entwine the snakes around his statue so that they would become tame and be able to farm once more. The first origin dates back some 2000 years to the Marsi who were the original inhabit…