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Holiday shopping figures are often viewed as significant indicators of the current economic climate, and Halloween is no exception. This year, the Halloween shopping numbers have climbed out of the grave they were in last year and returned to the levels they were at in 2008. And with more and more people buying their Halloween items online, this is good news for both our economy and the e-commerce sector as a whole.
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HISTORY OF THE BIRDSVILLE RACES   The first race meeting held at the newly formed township of Birdsville, situated on the Diamantina River, eight miles north of the South Australian border, was held on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of September (1882), and was largely attended, nearly 150 station owners, managers, stockmen, and other employees being present. The weather was delightful, the entrances for the various events good, and the finishes in most of the races close and exciting. Nearly 200 pounds was raised by public subscription, which speaks well for the prosperous condition of the district.
   The settling took place in Mr Tucker’s hotel, where the amounts were paid over to the respective winners, the usual toasts proposed and duly responded to, after which a meeting was held in Messrs. Burt and Co.’s large iron store, when a jockey club was formed, to be called the “Border Jockey Club”, forty-two names being enrolled as members. Stewards were appointed, a working committee ele…