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This recipe was found at .   Give them a try, maybe even with some apple cider or one of your hot chocolate recipes.....Better yet, try them with graham crackers and chocolate.

Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows

   The weather here has been just beautiful lately. Crisp, cool and perfect! So perfect, it was time to roll out the fire pit and make some s'mores. Being so close to Thanksgiving, I thought I would put a spin on the traditional s'more. I searched and quickly came across a pumpkin marshmallow recipe. It was very similar to my vanilla one, but had the addition of pumpkin puree, spices, and orange food coloring. I changed the spices according to my own taste and left out the food coloring because I wanted them to look natural-- not neon. Paired with my homemade graham crackers and some white chocolate (and a little spread of caramel I had in the fridge)-- yum! Move over pumpkin pie. I think we have a new tradition after our Thanksgiving meal!    Do not be…


The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance is an English folk dance involving reindeerantlers and a hobby horse that takes place each year in Abbots Bromley, a small village in Staffordshire, England.


    There are no recorded references to the horn dance prior to Robert Plot's Natural History of Staffordshire, written in 1686. However, there is a record of the hobby horse being used in Abbots Bromley as early as 1532, and it is possible that the horn dance component of the custom was also present at that time but not commented upon by the writer.A carbon analysis discovered that the antlers used in the dance date to the 11th century - though these may well have replaced an even older set. According to some, the use of antlers suggests an Anglo-Saxon origin along with other native Anglo-Saxon traditions that have survived into modern times in various forms.It has been speculated, for example, that the dance originated in the pagan period and was

connected with the ruling dynasty of Me…


This diy was found at .  This would make a very special gift for that very special someone.

I’ve had an overwhelming response to this project and everyone wants a tutorial, so here you go.

First off, gather your supplies: - book for dismembering, paperbacks are great - template (I made half an apple out of a thick piece of chipboard) - exacto knife with a very sharp blade - clips - glue stick - snot dots - ink or paint for coloring and something to apply it with - decoration or embellishments

Step 1 My paperback book was too thick so I split it in half using my blade. Try and make a clean break or you will end up sacrificing some pages. Remove the cover.

Step 2 Lay the template down on the book and cut the pages around the template. Be careful not to cut in to the template and try to cut only a few pages down at a time to start. Try and make one smooth cut if you want to avoid rough edges. I personally like the distressed look. Step 3 Remove the cut paper …