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I have been seeing a great many Christmas articles lately and there is a question that should be answered at this time of year.  What did the "Three Kings" see?  A common Question to be sure and it does tickle the mind for Christians that believe something came to pass, that could not have been ordinary.
   So where do we start on this small exposition?  Let's start with the Kings.  We know them as Kings however, they were not really "Kings", they were scientist priests, well versed in astrology and were most honored by the ruling class of that time and place.  The word "king" was used by the Christian writer Tertullian in 120 A.D. when speaking of the priests as Magi.  What made these men so important during the time of Christ's birth was their ability to interpret the celestial heavens, in particular, heralds.

   Because the Magi found prognostic events within the night sky, the Hebrews of that time and place found this constituted a form of…


   In Scotland, Christmas is known as Nollaig Beag, which means "Little Christmas".  The date for Christmas was one of the many holidays chosen to take the place of a pagan holiday.  Instead of pagan winter solstice festivals.  Christmas was celebrated.  Christmas was celebrated as a primarily religious festival during ancient times, and continues to remain a primarily religious celebration today.  Christmas was celebrated in Scotland until the Reformation.  The celebration of Christmas was banned in Scotland in the 1600's.  Protestantism had spread throughout Scotland, and Christmas was considered a Catholic holiday.  Prior to the Reformation, Scots did celebrate New Years' Day, called "Hogmanay", which included many characteristics of Christmas.  Hogmanay is still a more important holiday in Scotland today than Christmas.

Scottish Christmas Traditions, Decorations, and Foods

The Scots have always had a belief in the supernatural through the ages.…


There has been a big question many of us have faced during recent Christmases.  LED (light emitting diode) or traditional (incandescent) lights?  LED and traditional lights have been sharing the Christmas light market for several years now, and that has made many people unsure of what the differences are between LED and traditional lights.  Why are LED lights becoming so popular, and why do traditional lights still manage to hang on to a large share of the Christmas light market?

LED Versus Traditional Lights

   While both LED and traditional Christmas lights offer their own types of benefits, it can be difficult to make a decision during the holiday season as to what type of Christmas light will work better for you and your home.  Let's compare some of the pros and cons of LED and traditional Christmas lights to make the decision a little easier.

Led Christmas Lights: Pros

   LED Christmas lights "burn" cooler.  Since LED Christmas lights don't really get hot, the…


Christmas in Ireland includes several Christmas traditions that have been adapted around the world.  The hanging of holly, candles in the windows, and whitewashing the house are a few Christmas traditions involved in celebrating Christmas in Ireland that go back to the early years of Ireland.
   Using holly growing naturally in Ireland during Christmas time.  Because of the availability, even the poorest of families could deck their homes to celebrate Christmas in Ireland.
   To this day although Christmas trees decorated with tinsel and ornaments are common, the tradition of using holly at Christmas still stands and the Christmas tradition has spread around the world to include many parts of the world having "Hanging of the Greens" festivities prior to Christmas.

   A candle in the window is another Christmas in Ireland tradition seen around the world.  The single candle placed in the window of homes originated to welcome strangers and the Holy Family to their homes.  A…