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This diy comes form  Very good gift idea for the coming New Year.  Enjoy!

DIY: Colored Chalkboard Vases
Greetings, I hope you had a lovely weekend! I spent mine mostly indoors with big rainstorms hitting our area, so I had a little fun inside doing some crafting. 
I had two quarts of tinted chalkboard paint sitting in my garage, waiting for some projects I plan to get to in the near future. I couldn’t resist the idea of ‘sampling’ the colors this past weekend making some colored chalkboard vases. Fun fun fun! Something about the notion of leaving sentimental or seasonal notes on glass appealed to me, so I tinkered around creating a few versions around the house.
Every time I bring home fresh flowers, whether from the grocery store or farmer’s market, my 7 year old asks me for a single stem for her room. Love that! I thought it would be sweet to make a little chalkboard vase for her in a bright colored paint , one where I could write little encourag…


Frozen Mocha Cake with Chocolate Ganache Glaze
   Thin, delicate layers of flourless chocolate cake are filled with silky chocolate-espresso mousse. Begin making this dessert at least one day ahead, and serve it straight from the freezer; the frozen mousse filling has the texture of soft ice cream. Makes 8 to 10 servings Recipe by Cindy Mushet

IngredientsCAKE4ouncesbittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate, chopped2tablespoonswater3large eggs, separated1/4 cupsugar FILLING5 large egg yolks1/2cupsugar1/4  cupsKahlĂșa or other coffee liqueur1 cupchilled heavy whipping cream2 1/2 teaspooninstant espresso powder3 large egg whites1/2 cupfinely chopped bittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate GLAZE1/2 cupwhipping cream1/4 cupKahlĂșa or other coffee liqueur1 tablespoonlight corn syrup6 ouncesbittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate, chopped 2 tablespoonswhole coffee beans PreparationCAKEPosition rack in center of oven an…


Christmas parades can be seen in cities and towns nationwide. The parades help usher in Christmas.
    Christmas parades can be small with just a few floats, and a couple of bands, or very large with a lot of floats, several bands, clowns, assorted groups, and cars carrying important people from the community. But whether the Christmas parades are small or large in size doesn't matter, it's what is at the end of the parade that makes all the difference and that would be Santa Claus! Seeing Santa Claus means the Christmas season is here!
    Christmas parades have been going strong for 90+ years. When Christmas parades first started it was more of a way for people who lived in small towns to get together and socialize with each other while watching a very short parade. The parades were something the communities looked forward to every year.
    One such Christmas parade in California started in 1928. It was one of the smallest parades ever. There was only one actre…


Most of us know December 25 by one name – Christmas. We all know the story of Christmas, but most of us don’t know when the first Christmas was celebrated. Today, the world as we know it grids to a halt on Christmas day, shops and restaurants all close down. It is a day of peace and tranquility, yet a time of great joy, for many. However, it was not always like that. I have created a list of a few significant events, some joyful and sprit raising, others sad and astonishing, that happened on the day we have come to know solely as “Christmas”. This list is in Chronological order, all dates are AD.

10. First Christmas,  325

   This is the first date that Christmas was celebrated for certain on December 25. This is significant because Christmas is arguably the most widely celebrated holiday in the world. It is also a strange date to pick, since many astronomers and scientists agree that Jesus would have been born sometime during our current summer months.

9. England Adopts Modern Calen…


This diy comes from .  What better way to give a gift on the New Year and it will also work to tell everyone's champagne glasses apart too. Enjoy!

DIY Wine or Champagne Glass Charms
That time of year is here again – we’ve got guests visiting from all over just about every weekend until the end of the year. With all the festivities planned over the next few months, I wanted to make some wine glass charms to help keep everyone’s glass identified during all the celebrating.
I first found out about an embossing powder called Amazing Glaze that hardens to a resin from my friend Cathe, she had used it to to make a memory pet tag and decal penny pendant in the past and I really wanted to try it out! I ordered the powder, some pendant bases and earwires, then came up with several versions of DIY wine glass charms. The first are these blingy sparklers which will work for just about any occasion.

With the right supplies, these are so easy to make! Find some ear…