Friday, July 24, 2015


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    The Virgin del Carmen Feast is about a feast of marine tradition at Marbella town that ends on July 16th (the Virgin Festival). The Virgen del Carmen, Saint of the Sea and of Fishermen, is one of the sacred headlines, which awakens more devotion among neighbors in the region. The whole town gathers in the streets and beaches every summer to see the processional tour of the virgin by land and sea.

    A week before this date and in the Chapel of the Fishing Port; a mass is celebrated where the Sisterhood Chorus participates and the Virgin of the City together with the Marine Virgin are shown and toured every year. The Marine Virgin is taken out from a cave located at 12 meters depth in the proximity of Poste de la Mina (El Cable). At the end of the act, the Golden Anchor is awarded to the eldest retired fisherman.

    This same day of July 16th the maritime procession of the virgin is celebrated, she leaves the Fishing Port towards Banus Port and back to the Sport Port; she is accompanied by countless crafts decorated with flags that give the color and joy the festivity needs. The land procession begins from the Sport Port (already at the sunset) that takes her to the temple.

    The Virgin del Carmen parish church is located at 10 kilometers from Marbella, at Elvira Cerrado a zone fully delimited by urban areas. The temple has a modern structure, even though the parish church was built twenty years ago, but the building has more than ten years or so.

    Its main and defining element is the continuous flow of tourists coming and going from any region of the world. If it is a regular behavior; the number of faithful more than doubles during the summer; as the temple has capacity for nearly 250 persons seated, there are many of them located at the doors and in the square just in front of the church to take part of the Eucharist.

    Many people regularly attend each celebration in July. The participation is very special in this original context due to the nuances everyone contributes with its nationality and culture. Language is not usually a hindrance when people talk about the language of God, the language of love. Then it should not be languages or barriers but it is for certain that many of them are just people that never come back. Therefore, the pastoral is meant to strengthen meditation, praying, and reflection on the Word.