Tuesday, March 29, 2011


   Doing some shopping , but can't seem to find any ideas for the paranormal investigator in your life?  Here are some very helpful tips and things they may have on their wish lists to help them catch and record paranormal activity.

Thermal Imaging Camera- Got a spare $10,000 laying around?  Yes, thermal imaging technology isn't cheap at all, but it is one of the best tools out there for collecting evidence of paranormal activity.  It senses any and all changes in the ambient air temperature in a room, and you can actually see the anomaly on the screen, outlined in the appropriate color.  It shows how cold or hot an area , object, or anomaly is.  You can find fine used equipment, but it will still set you back anywhere from $6,000 on up!!

Infrared Video Camera- They aren't cheap either, but they are the best video cameras to capture evidence on either tape or digital, although most of the better models are digital.  Infrared cameras are basically night vision.  While you can find the cheaper, less functional night "shot" cameras, they are not the same.  Night "shot" cameras use a dim back light to lighten the area around the camera lens, so it does work to a very small extend.  Actual infrared cameras, or real night vision, transmit an invisible infrared light out into the room, which returns the signal back into the lens, and the images are recorded.  This is a perfect gift for gathering paranormal evidence.

EMF Detector- EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Field.  What this device does is measure the electrical, magnetic, and radio waves in and around the area you are at.  As with all these devices in this list, there are several varieties you can choose from.  There are analog and digital, as well as gauges with a needle and models with sound.  It is theorized that when an entity is present and trying to manifest itself, it will draw energy from the electromagnetic field in the atmosphere around it.  These meters will detect any and all fluctuations that occur.  There are some models that are made specifically for detecting high altitude UFO's and other upper atmosphere phenomena such as geomagnetic and solar storms.  These meters range in price from $100 up to and beyond $400 for high end models.

Audio recording device for EVP work- EVP stand for Electronic Voice Phenomena.  What that is, is a disembodied voice or noise that is caught on an audio recording device, which you don't hear with the naked ear.  This device can range from a tape or digital recorder, on up to a boom mic set up and even video recorders.  This equipment is fairly inexpensive, but can become pricey for the higher end recording equipment.  Most audio recording devices, that works just fine, range anywhere from $25 up towards $80 dollars.  $50 dollars will get you a nice digital recorder, which will work perfectly

Temperature Scanner- These little devices read the room temperature, showing on the display if there is any fluctuation in air temperature.  Unlike the thermal imaging camera, these don't record the air temperature or show the room in colors.  It merely takes the room temperature and shows it on the display.  Or there are models that have a laser pointer, which will take the temperature in a specific spot.  These range in the area of $60 dollars and up to $300.

Video Camera- Pretty self explanatory here; this device will record any activity in the room.  There are tape and digital versions, and they have a wide price range.  Models usually range anywhere between $100 to a couple thousand dollars.

Still Photography Camera- There are many makes and models.  Again, you will find price ranges up and down the scale.  Do your homework, research before you buy, compare the features/brands for the the best deal and camera for you.

Ultraviolet Flashlight- These lights range from a single LED or bulb, and can be had with as many as 28 LED lights.  The more illumination, the pricier they get.  They are commonly known as "black lights".  They are used to illuminate anomalous activity so it can be seen with the naked eye.  They work very well.  Decent one range anywhere between $50 and $80 dollars.

Books and Videos on Paranormal Topics- It is always entertaining and educational to a paranormal investigator to watch and read of other people's accounts, and other investigators' findings.

Geiger Counter- These instruments measure radiation in roentgens.  What these will do is measure the field of where a UFO has been.  UFO's leave traces, and sometimes more, of radioactive substances in the air and where they have landed on the ground.  It is an essential tool for the UFO-ologist.  They come in digital and analog displays, as well as the old kind with the gauge and needle.  They are relatively inexpensive as well, but as with all, they can get pricey.
   There is the top ten list of gifts for the paranormal investigator.  Maybe you'll get some of these items for someone you know or maybe for yourself.  Then you can go out and SCARE SOMETHING UP!!!!!