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Here are, ten of the most scary and unusual monsters in Filipino mythology:

10.  Aswang

   The aswang is probably the most common of Filipino monsters since there are so many different kinds. In general, they are shape shifters who are human by day and then at night turn into a dog, a pig, a bat, cat, snake… the type of animal depends on the regional lore. They break into funeral homes and steal recent corpses. They are also known to enter homes to drink human blood and can turn people into aswang by tricking the human to bite them in return. The aswang are especially hungry for human fetus so some of the more superstitious stories include neighborhoods patrols set up in front of the home of a pregnant woman to protect her from wandering stray animals in case they are the aswang in disguise.

9.  Matruculan

   The Matruculan is one of many Filipino creatures who attack pregnant women. This particular creature first impregnates a virgin before coming back later to kill the woman and eat…


The Virgin del Carmen Feast is about a feast of marine tradition at Marbella town that ends on July 16th (the Virgin Festival). The Virgen del Carmen, Saint of the Sea and of Fishermen, is one of the sacred headlines, which awakens more devotion among neighbors in the region. The whole town gathers in the streets and beaches every summer to see the processional tour of the virgin by land and sea.

   A week before this date and in the Chapel of the Fishing Port; a mass is celebrated where the Sisterhood Chorus participates and the Virgin of the City together with the Marine Virgin are shown and toured every year. The Marine Virgin is taken out from a cave located at 12 meters depth in the proximity of Poste de la Mina (El Cable). At the end of the act, the Golden Anchor is awarded to the eldest retired fisherman.

   This same day of July 16th the maritime procession of the virgin is celebrated, she leaves the Fishing Port towards Banus Port and back to the Sport Port; …