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This diy comes from . Some really spooky candle wrappers!  If you don't like the waxy mess from candles, I would just use the led votive candle you can get at the Dollar Store.  They are usually 2 or 3 to a pack for a dollar! (what a bargain!)

Spooky Halloween Candle WrappersHalloween > Printable Halloween Decorations
If you want to create that haunted house feel or spooky garden path full of spider webs, bats flying around, ghosts crawling about but don't actually fancy real spiders, blood thirsty bats or shivery ghosts - these flickering Halloween candle wrappers will help create that perfect spooky and atmospheric decoration.

These candle wrappers are designed to wrap around a glass, using a t-light candle inside, or around a large diameter white pillar candle, never with any candle with an exposed flame. Of course please take care to keep the candles out of small children's reach. T-lights can sometimes crack a thin glass base so you may wan…


This recipe comes from .  Add a little spookiness for your next Halloween party.  BBBBBBOOOOOO  YYYYYAAAAA!

The following is an excerpt from SugarBaby extolling my love of candy corn:

My favorite halloween costume was a death trap:  seven feet of chicken wire slathered in papier maché, festooned in flammable white, orange and yellow oil paint, made mobile with four shimmying grocery cart wheels, and equipped with a sticky trap door for candy deposits.  I was the envy of every kid at Woodmont Elementary.  I was the biggest candy corn on earth.

Sadly, there was no ventilation, it tipped whenever I tried to negotiate a curb, and the built-in mesh window was inches to low for my gangly frame.  But I was happy to withstand any discomfort for a giant candy corn, even if it wasn't edible.  Luckily, I usually got a few pounds of the real stuff deposited into the bucked attached precariously to the inside of the costume.  Today, I bypass trick…


   Columbus day is celebrated amongst great fanfare and enthusiasm on the date of every year. It is also a national holiday now, dedicated to the man who presented America to the civilized Europe and hence rest of the world. Though there is a controversy on whether this day should be celebrated or boycotted, it seems that the weight of celebrations is more at this point.


   Columbus Day is a holiday in Colorado since 1906 and it became the federal holiday in 1937. Americans celebrate the Columbus Day dedicatedly. Soon the Columbus Day became a ritual to spread the patriotism all over US. Teachers, preachers, poets and politicians were determined to outline the patriotic rituals around the themes like support for war, faithfulness and devotion to the nation, restrictions that each and every citizen of the nation should follow. Overall, the objective was to make the nation successful and progressive.
   In the mid-19th century, immigration became a problem. A number of immigrant …