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Another documented account is known as the New England witches and dates back to 1692.  Two selfprofessed witches including a Mary Osgood, confessed to riding on a pole and being carried through the air to five-mile pond and back again.  Wonder where to? Why, pray, a witches meeting of course.
   Other stories reveal even juicier details.  There's even one detailing a flight accident.  Not only did the two of the witches named in this documented story independently of each other confess to being carried through the air by the Devil, but both confirmed that they experienced a crash because one of their broomsticks broke.  One witch apparently hung about her fellow colegue's neck for a while and then dragged both of them down.  They were injured and one of them was bed ridden for months afterwards.
  If the possibly quite strange body position that broomstick flying was likely to have required would have been viewed with utmost suspicion at the time, the punishment of witche…