Saturday, November 13, 2010


   This holiday season, I'm sure you'll come across many new dishes that you can share with your family for years to come.  Every year I try to come up with  a different creation than the traditional desert of pumpkin pie.  Last year instead of pumkin pie I made a marbled pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust.
   Here's a new one some of you may not know about.  Have you ever tried Turducken?   Chances are high that you haven't unless you are from the Southern United States or have relatives from the South. 
   A Turducken is a combination of a Turkey, a Duck and a Chicken.  When I first heard about Turducken, I could only envision some mad scientist combining the DNA of these three to create a  new speicies of bird.  I did further research this year and after reading more about the concept I understand it better.  The meat is created using the combination of these traditional birds.  The complex hybrid is comprised of boneless duck stuffed into a turkey and the duck is stuffed with a chicken and in between layers of each one,  it is filled with stuffing and sometimes sausage, unique spices and seasonings.

   According to Different internet sources, the Turducken has a southern origin with ties to both Texas and Louisiana.  No one has provided proof to claim the exact place of origin although some people credit Cajun-Creole Chef Paul Prudhomme with creating the commercial dish, but again, this is no real verifiable proof to that claim.
   If it just seems too complex to create, you can always purchase one fully cooked from different sites that sell it on the internet.  Cajuncreations.com has a variety of Turducken options you can browse through and pick the one that suites your needs.  In the future, don't be surprised to find the dish at mainstream restaurants nationwide, during the holiday season.
   So, for something different this holiday season, change things up a bit  and try some Turducken.  Maybe it'll become a new tradition for that next big Thanksgiving or
Chirstmas feast for you and your family!!



   I know there are thousands,  if not millions of chocolate lovers out there.  I happen to be one of those people and have tried several different chocolate treats in my lifetime.  So what do I consider to be the top chocolate treats?  I find that there are several different chocolate treat categories and there are treats in each category that are better than the rest.  This article will stick to foods you can buy in almost any grocery store.  These chocolate treats are low in price but high in taste.

Candy bars:  We've all tried several varieties of this chocolate treat, but which ones are the best?  Throughout my life, my tastes have changed and I've had several different favorites.  My favorites lean now to either the milky way bar , with it's chocolate and caramel, or a nice big snickers bar, with the chocolate and caramel and a little dose of peanuts to go with it.

Ice Cream:  Let's face it, just plain old chocolate ice cream is wonderful. It's right up there with vanilla.  Vanilla you say?  But I thought this was about things chocolate.  You're right, but vanilla is like a canvas of a painting you can add anything to it to make it whatever flavor you're craving at the time.  Anything from hot fudge to chocolate chips, a little or a lot, it's up to you to decide.  When we talk ice cream it's all about the quality of it and the QUANTITY  of it.  We can go to the local market and get anything from rocky road to brownie batter ( chocolate ice cream with chunks of brownies.  The ice cream world is your oyster, shuck it and eat it all up!!!

Cookies:  When most of us think of a cookie, it's probably a nice, chewy, gooy, dunk in your milk, chocolate chip cookies.  My family can't even wait for them to go into the oven, they'd rather eat cookie doe instead.  You can  make up a batch of them and after they come out of the oven, take some chocolate chips, put them in a microwave safe bowl,  and when the chocolate has melted,  dip half of the chocolate cookies in it for a little bit of a chocolate high!

Snack Cakes:  Nothing says comfort food more than a box of individually wrapped ding dongs or ho ho's!  A couple of them with a glass of ice cold milk hits the spot.  I don't think there's a snack cake made that isn't good.

Candies:  When you think of loose chocolate candies, does anything come to mind?  Anyone??  Anyone??....You in the back row,  with your hand up, what is it?.......I box of See's candy sir!  Nuts and chews if you please!!.....Good answer!  Good answer! 
   Anything from truffles to chocolate covered almonds with caramel and everything in between.  Like Forrest Gump always says, "Life is like a box a chocolates! You never know what you're gonna get!"  So be sure that it's a good quality chocolate,  not a box of some unknown companies chocolates that you got at the Dollar Store (that sure doesn't taste like the chocolate I'm used to!).

   While there are several other chocolate treat categories, these are some of the best.  I hope this article made you think of all of the different flavors and smells coming this holiday season and make sure you eat it in moderation.   So next time when you're having a craving for more of that ding dong or those nuts and chews, there will be some more for you to eat, that little stash you keep for yourself,  your family doesn't know about.