Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 This comes from www.goorigami.com .  I thought these looked like something that could be made into an ornament or even made larger for the start on your Christmas tree.

Septima Star by Ekaterina Lukasheva

It seems like this is the first origami star I’ve folded this year. And what a cool star it is!
Wondering how to make it? Follow the links below to the diagram and video instructions!


Name:Origami Septima Star
Designer:Ekaterina Lukasheva
Units:6 / 7 (5 and 8-unit assembly is also possible)
Paper ratio:square
Assembled with:no glue
Paper size:7.5 cm
Model size:~ 9 cm
Paper:Patterned kami origami paper (China)
Origami paper, Folia (Germany)
Diagram:Septima Star – diagram
Video:Septima Star – video

Septima Star by Ekaterina Lukasheva


   This recipe comes from www.this-is-irene.blogspot.com .  Another one of my favorite dessert foods.  Banana's!

Moist Banana Cake

Another easy everyday cake recipe today! To be honest, I didn't make it, I've still been pretty busy so mum's been doing the baking lately. This is just one of her specialty, when it comes to foolproof cakes, she's the boss, I prefer trying new recipes and ticking my to-do baking list even if it means some boo-boos on the way rather than stick to old favourites. Yes, I'm a fearless, courageous, risk taking young woman haha. So today, it's a super moist, non-crumbly banana cake. On her recipe book it's titled "exquisite banana cake", I think she got it the recipe from a friend but well, if it has "exquisite" in the title, must be something pretty special right?

Another little secret: I only got the chance to photograph it on the second day, because it was pretty gloomy the day she made it. And by the time I opened the box to see the precious cake models for the day, shock-horror, they were already cut up in slices and in halves! This was quite upsetting because I had spent the whole of the night before on my bed thinking about how I should arrange the loaf before going to sleep. You know those moments just before you go to sleep and you just think about nothing or things that happened that day, and things you hope will happen in the near future? So yeah, for me, it was all about banana cakes that night. But luckily, I pieced them together skillfully and hid cuts with some shred of brown paper bag and dressed it up with some pink bakers twine I bought at Etsy. No one would've known it was already cut up right? 

Mum also made one loaf with sultanas and the other without. If you want the sultana ones make sure you coat the sultanas with flour before folding them into the batter to prevent them all from sinking. Feel free to jazz it up with some nuts too, I'm sure walnuts and pecan would make it even more delish, if you're a nut-person. And how I wish I had fresh flowers blooming in my garden that I could just pick a few to enhance the setting for the shoots. Too bad I don't, heck, I don't even really have a white tablecloth, I just use a big sheet of white cardboard and sometimes when I need to, patch it up with some white A4 papers. Teehee, you didn't know that either. Man, alot of secrets are being revealed today... So anyway, in trying to make the setting interesting, I just made some iced chocolate (which yes, I had to drink the 2 glasses myself because no one was willing to help) and added some paper dollies and grabbed my rarely-used-tea-cakes-forks. I always thought it was always too showy to look good in food photos but I think considering the banana cake was pretty simple, it's a good complement! I just need to go prop shopping, pronto.

Moist Banana Cake 
Makes 2 loaves

160g butter, softened
dash of vanilla essence
1 cup castor sugar (I used a mix of brown and castor sugar)
4 eggs
4 medium ripe or overripe bananas, mashed (to yield 1 cup mashed bananas)
200g sour cream (light is fine)
2 cups self raising flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. all spice
1 tsp. ground nutmeg (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 180'C and grease 2 lined loaf tins with butter
2. Cream butter, sugar and vanilla until thick with a handheld beater
3. Beat in egg, then sour cream and banana in medium speed until well incorporated
4. Add all the dry ingredients to the mixture and mix slowly with a wooden spoon or spatula
5. Bake for 40 mins until golden brown and skewer comes out clean

I know everyone probably already have their own favourite banana cake/bread recipe. But if you don't or haven't tried a version with sour cream in it, I'd encourage you to try it out! It's super moist, and definitely moreish and filling. Perfect for brunch with some yoghurt or afternoon tea!

I can't believe tomorrow's friday already AGAIN. I've only got 2 more exams left so after next wednesday, I'll be totally free freee freeee to bake whatever I want. Knowing that just feels great! See you later! x


    The Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo (International Circus Festival de Monte-Carlo) was created in 1974 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco to promote circus arts....for which he had a lifelong passion.  The first festival was held from December 26th to the 30th, 1974 under the big top of the French circus Bouglione, installed on what was then the Esplande de Fontvielle.  In the forward he wrote for the program, Prince Rainiers said, "This International Circus Festival was created thinking of the circus community, of this family of underestimated people, so that you, attentive spectators of their efforts and of their work, could know them better, and celebrate them better".  It was the first true circus festival ever presented in the Western world.

Image result for international circus festival of monte-carlo 2015

   During the Festival, a selection of some of the best circus acts in the business are presented twice to a paying audience and a Jury of circus professionals, journalists, and specialists...presided until 2005 by the late Prince Rainier III, and since 2006, by his daughter, Princess Stephanie of Monaco.  The Jury awards Gold and Silver Clowns, and since 2002 a Bronze Clown, in the form of statuettes sculpted by Paule Male'.  Other prizes and trophies are awarded by the City of Monaco, and various
corporations, press organizations, associations, and individuals.  The Festival presents about 25 acts each yer, in two different set of performances.  The awards are presented during a closing Gala performance attended by the Prince of Monaco, and his family and guests.  Traditionally, the Prince also attends every selection performance.  The first Gold Clowns, which in time became the equivalent of an Oscar, to the circus world, were award to Alfred Court, in tribute to his exceptional career, and to Charlie Rivel.

   In 1975, the Festival was presented under the big top of the Italian circus, Nando, Liana e Rinaldo Orfei, and from 1975 to 1994, under the big top of another Italian Circus, Circo American-Togni.  Since 1995, it has been held under a large, sedentary circus structure, permanently installed in what is now the Quartier Fontvielle, in Monaco.

Under the big top tent in Monte Carlo

   In 2006, the Festival staged an extraordinary tribute to Prince Rainier III of Monaco (who had passed away the previous year), with a five hour show that gathered the greatest assemblage of Gold and Silver Medalists ever seen (some of them performing at the same time, like the amazing juggling duet formed by Kris Kremo and Anthony Gatto, or Oleg Izossimov sharing the ring with The Rodions and Wei Baohua &Wu Zheng).  It was probably the greatest circus performance ever produced.

   The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo is now held each year in mid January.  Presided by S.A.S. Princess Stephanie of Monaco, it remains today, without a doubt, the most important circus manifestation in the world, and it has become the annual rendezvous of the international circus community and of a large international audience of circus enthusiasts.