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These three pictures are my pumpkins from the last three Halloweens. I am not one to carve out the skin of the pumpkins and carve faces.  I like to add different things to it that I can find and kind of make it look 3d.  My favorite things to use are glue on nails ( wich I use mainly for teeth.  The eyeballs are ping pong balls (I can either find them in white or luckely they also come in orange.  The other thing I like to use are bamboo skewers, I usually use them for the hair or in the instance of one of them I used them through the nose.  I also have used staples, usually when I put a cut or scar in them I use them to look like stiching.
Most of the stuff I use I get from the Dollar store or Walmart.  Ping pong balls are easy to work with they can be turned at any angle.  To hold them in I will dril a small hole in both sides and use either a tooth pick or a skewer to hold them in.  The fake finger nails, I use for teeth and to make them look different, like sharp or jagged, I used a pair…