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This diy was found at  I thought this was a pretty cool diy  and also pretty easy to make.  No haunt is complete without some barbed wire.

This is a very easy way to make some convincing rusted looking barbed wire to enhance your props or costume and the best part is that it’s safe and inexpensive.
This prop does not involve the use of a papier mache (gasp!) but it does make a nice enhancement to your papier mache props.
The Faux Barbed Wire is made from twine, craft foam and black latex paint.

When starting this project I referenced a piece of real barbed wire and found that the barbs were approximately five inches apart.


There are several prisons located throughout the United States that are said to be the most haunted prisons in America today.  Individuals who are considered to be hobbyists and those that are considered to be professionals in the area of ghost hunting often find prisons to be enticing when it comes to the opportunity to validate life after death.  It is not uncommon for these investigators to capture unexplained voice phenomenon on digital audio recorders, indications of strong magnetic fields with the KII Meter, and even frightening images in pictures and video recordings.  Here, I will profile 2 of the most haunted prisons in America today.

   The Moundsfield West Virginia Penitentiary is considered to be one of the scariest prisons on Earth according to individuals who have spent any length of time in the immense structure that once served as a prison.  Construction on this building started in 1866.  In 1876, the prison was completed.  Individuals who were ordered to stay at t…


   Columbus day is celebrated amongst great fanfare and enthusiasm on the date of every year. It is also a national holiday now, dedicated to the man who presented America to the civilized Europe and hence rest of the world. Though there is a controversy on whether this day should be celebrated or boycotted, it seems that the weight of celebrations is more at this point.


   Columbus Day is a holiday in Colorado since 1906 and it became the federal holiday in 1937. Americans celebrate the Columbus Day dedicatedly. Soon the Columbus Day became a ritual to spread the patriotism all over US. Teachers, preachers, poets and politicians were determined to outline the patriotic rituals around the themes like support for war, faithfulness and devotion to the nation, restrictions that each and every citizen of the nation should follow. Overall, the objective was to make the nation successful and progressive.
   In the mid-19th century, immigration became a problem. A number of immigrant …