Monday, October 18, 2010


   Lighthouses are full of history and sometimes the history is full of despair.  The structures were meant to save lives at sea and to give direction to captains who were passing by.  Sometimes the lighthouse wasn't enough to save the crews and captains of unfortunate ships who were caught up in bad storms.  It is no surprise that lighthouses have many claims of paranormal activity and ghost stories.  Since Halloween is coming fast, here are a few stories about certain lighthouses and their ghosts.

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Ghost ship of the diamond shoals

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse living quarters

  The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC/The Ghost Ship Of The Diamond Shoals-We've all heard of ghost ship stories where a ship is sailing full mast and there is no one on board.  On a midwinter morning in 1921 the coastguard stationed in Cape Hatteras woke up to a strange sight, there was a schooner with all sails flying that had run aground on the Diamond Shoals.  When the coastguard boarded the ship , no one was found.  The beds were made and food and coffee was found on the stove but the lifeboats were missing as well as papers and nautical instruments were not found.  The only living thing on the ship was a few half starved cats.  It was so strange because there were no signs of distress the night before and no storm that could have caused the ship to run off course.  Eventually 6 government agencies were assigned to investigate the ghost ship and what happened to the crew and no answers have been found to this day.  The ship was discovered to be from Maine, it was the Carroll A. Deering.  She had just sailed her maiden voyage 2 years prior.  It has been speculated that there was a mutiny or maybe that the crew jumped ship but nothing has been proved and none of the crew members or captain were ever found.
   Another story from Cape Hatteras is the story of the gray man.  He shows up before serious storms like hurricanes and walks the beach near the lighthouse.  Locals believe it is the spirit of a man who drowned during a hurricane and he is there to warn the locals of a terrible storm.
   The last story from Cape Hattteras is the story of a lady who also walks the beach near the lighthouse.  Her name is Theodosus Burr and she passed away in a shipwreck in 1812 off of Cape Hatteras.  People claim that they hear her screaming as she walks down the beach.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Interior view of St. Augustine Lighthouse

Ghost of St. Augustine Lighthouse

  Voices, apparitions and shadowy figures are just some of the claims from St. Augustine.  A shadow figure of a man appears in the basement and people believe that it is the ghost of a former lighthouse keeper that hung himself in the basement.  People also claim that the voice of the 12 year old daughter of the builder of the lighthouse can be heard.  She had drowned in the water close to the lighthouse.  Ghost hunters visited St. Augustine once and came back with amazing evidence.  There was video evidence of a shadow figure that was almost playing with them inside of the lighthouse.  You could see the shadow blocking out the light and the most amazing piece of evidence was when they caught what looked like a face peering over the railings at the top of the lighthouse.  The reason this evidence was so compelling is because there are motion detectors at the top of the lighthouse that would turn on lights if any sort of movement occurred and not a single light even flickered.  Also you could clearly hear a woman's voice saying "help me" over and over again.  there is no explanation of  how any of this could have happened.

Plymouth Lighthouse

Plymouth Lighthouse caretakers house

  The Plymouth lighthouse was built on land owned by John and Hannah Thomas and the agreement was that if the lighthouse was built on their land that they would be named the keepers, this was in 1769.  John and Hannah were very dedicated lighthouse keepers and made sure that there was oil burning in the 2 towers when it was needed.  John left to fight in the Revolutionary war and while he was gone, Hannah continued to be the lighthouse keeper.  John never returned from the war and was assumed to be dead.  Hannah was declared the first female lighthouse keeper.  She continued to take car of the lighthouse throughout the years.  Now the lighthouse does not need a keeper because of technology but it is said that Hannah still takes care of her duties as the lighthouse keeper.  A few photographers decided to stay the night in the old keepers quarters and woke up one night and saw the face of a woman.  She seemed to be very sad.  Just as quickly as she appeared she was gone.  They believe it was Hannah showing up in the hopes that John had come back home to her.

Ocracoke Island Lighthouse

Ocracoke Island interior

   Ocracoke Island is famous for one pirate, Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard.  Ocracoke was a hideaway that Blackbeard would go to between his pirating adventures.  This was also the location where he met his final demise.  He was killed by Lt. Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy by decapitation.  Along the shore of Ocracoke Island there is a place people call the "Point" and people who have traveled there at night have reported seeing the ghost of Blackbeard walking along the shore searching for his head. 
   Maybe there is a lot of emotion attached to lighthouses because of the deaths at sea, the jobs that the keepers were so dedicated to and the loss of keepers loved one on the site of the lighthouses.  Haunted or not, lighthouses tell an interesting story of American history and are beautiful sights with spectacular surroundings.


   Everyone gets the chills when they walk through a cemetery, especially at night but mostly it is all in our heads.  How could walking through hundreds of deceased people that are buried six feet under, get you thinking that there's ghost in that thar graveyard?  Come and take a walk through some of America's most haunted cemeteries and read about the ghosts that choose to hand around them.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

One of the Bachelor's Grove ghosts

   This secluded cemetery located in Chicago is said to be the most haunted graveyard in America.  Bachelor's Grove has had numerous paranormal investigators that have investigated this cemetery and it has been reported that it has had over 160 cases of documented paranormal occurrences, which include everything from floating "orbs" to light and full body apparitions.

Lafayette Cemetery

Collage of graves at Lafayette Cemetery
   Located in New Orleans, La.  Is said to be one of the most haunted.  Hundreds of sightings are reported in this historic cemetery.  Witnesses have experienced a woman dressed in white who flags down taxi cabs and always disappears before the ride is over.  Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau is said to haunt the cemetery and the surrounding area.  Her powers are known to be so strong when she was alive, and now that death has taken her, she holds even greater sway over her devoted, who decorate her grave with symbols, candles and flowers, in the hope she'll bless them.

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

Grave markers at Camp Chase

   Camp Chase is a Confederate cemetery located in Ohio nestled in a Columbus Hilltop neighborhood.  This cemetery marks the place where a POW camp stood over 140 years ago.  It is said here a woman roams the cemetery in search of her soldier, lost in a POW camp during the American Civil War.  On a grave of a confederate soldier, flowers will appear on it for no explainable reason.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever grave sites
   Hollywood Forever Cemetery located in Hollywood, Ca.  was founded in 1899 and was originally named Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery.  The original site occupied 100 area but 40 acres were sold off to Paramount and RKO Studios in 1920.  The Hollywood Memorial Park cemetery is the final resting place for such starts as, Fatty Arbuckle, Valentino, Victor Fleming and Clifton Webb,  whose ghost is said to haunt the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum where it is reported that guests hear voices, whispering, see strange lights, feel cold drafts and smell cologne.

El Campo Santo Cemetery

El Campo early grave sites

El Campo grave

    This cemetery located in San Diego, Ca.  This cemetery is believed to be actively haunted with such sightings as what looks like a Hispanic or a Native American walking through  out the grounds and a woman  in a white Victorian dress will appear and disappear into the south wall of the cemetery.