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Covered bridges are fascinating whether they are rumored to be haunted or not.  America's first covered bridge was built in 1804.  Pennsylvania boasted 1500 covered bridges at its peak, today, Pennsylvania has 200 covered bridges, still the highest number in the states.  In the swift evolving and ever-changing technological age we live in, covered bridges represent a simpler time and are very often revered as relics of the past by preservationists.
   It's no wonder tales of haunting abound in legends surrounding covered bridges.  Bridges are themselves, tools for crossing from one side to another.  A covered bridge so easily harbors secrets within its walls, plus given that most if not all were built centuries ago, only lends to an air of nostalgia and probable ghostly activity.

   Stowe Hollow Bridge in Vermont, also known as "Emily's Bridge" or "Gold Brook Bridge," , was built in 1844.  The locals call it Emily's Bridge because it is…