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The annual airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas has become as much a part of Christmas as Santa and Rudolph.
    Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, Snoopy's decorated doghouse and Linus' classic recitation on the true meaning the season have become true baby-boomer Christmas icons. Throw in Vince Guaraldi's classic soundtrack, and you have an animated special that has defined a generation.

A Charlie Brown Christmas was not the first time the Peanuts characters were animated. In the early 1960's they appeared in a series of commercials for the Ford Motor Company.
A Charlie Brown Chirstmas was conceived, written, animated and produced in only six months, and was finished only a week before the air date. The first airing, on December 9, 1965, was sponsored by Coke.

A CBS executive who watched a preview was disappointed and declared the program, "A little flat....a little slow", and said he thought Peanuts was better suited for the comics page. Ed Levitt, a…


Hollywood and its movie stars provide a rich history in paranormal activity. Even after death some of these celebrities return for year another ghostly encore. While some movie stars return in a ghostly fashion, other celebrities are haunted by spirits themselves.

    Best known for his roles in movies such as: "From Here to Eternity", and also the "Misfits" which also starred Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery's spirit is also said to haunt the halls and one room of the Roosevelt Hotel.
    According to some of the staff at the hotel, Montgomery's spirit haunts room number 928. It was in this suite that Clift frantically paced back and forth as he tried to memorize his lines for the movie "From Here to Eternity".
    Numerous unexplained noises have been reported coming from this empty suite, as well as the telephone being left off of the hook when the room has been unoccupied.
    The Roosevelt is also the site of the very first Academy Awards cere…


May is well known for Memorial Day, but what about other holidays? There is actually a holiday for every single day of the month. These national food holidays are not only fun to celebrate, but a great excuse to make delicious foods. Read on to get ideas on how to celebrate these fantastic food holidays.

National Chocolate Parfait Day May 1: This food holiday is very easy to celebrate. Just make a parfait using pieces of brownies, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. National Truffles Day May 2: On this food holiday, you can either prepare homemade truffles or visit your local candy shop. National Raspberry Tart Day May 3: This food holiday is perfect for summer. Just use a pre-baked tart shell and fill it with a sweetened cream cheese, raspberry jam, and fresh raspberries. National Homebrew Day May 4: If you love beer, why not make your own? You can find kits and recipe online.

National Chocolate Custard Day May 5: While pudding mixes are delicious, why not take t…