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Hollywood and its movie stars provide a rich history in paranormal activity. Even after death some of these celebrities return for year another ghostly encore. While some movie stars return in a ghostly fashion, other celebrities are haunted by spirits themselves.

Montgomery Clift

    Best known for his roles in movies such as: "From Here to Eternity", and also the "Misfits" which also starred Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery's spirit is also said to haunt the halls and one room of the Roosevelt Hotel.
    According to some of the staff at the hotel, Montgomery's spirit haunts room number 928. It was in this suite that Clift frantically paced back and forth as he tried to memorize his lines for the movie "From Here to Eternity".
    Numerous unexplained noises have been reported coming from this empty suite, as well as the telephone being left off of the hook when the room has been unoccupied.
    The Roosevelt is also the site of the very first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929. The "Blossom Ballroom" where the ceremony was held, has a rather odd cold spot which is ten degrees cooler than the rest of the ballroom. This cold spot is a circular area which measures 30 inches in diameter.

George Reeves

    For five long years George Reeves was every child's hero as he played the part of Superman on television. George was not new to Hollywood either; he had played parts in movies such as "Gone with the Wind" and many other B movies.
    But the claim to fame for George Reeves was "The Adventures of Superman" which ran from 1953-1957. Then George died in his home from a gunshot wound in 1959. Although the official cause of the death was ruled a suicide, others contend that Reeves was murdered.
    One couple living in the former home of Reeves stated that the ghost of Reeves appeared in the bedroom "decked out in his Superman outfit." The couple watched the mysterious looking spirit as it slowly faded away. Of course this sighting happened in the room where Reeves died.
    Some believe that Reeves death can be explained by the "Superman Curse".

Mary Pickford

    Mary Pickford who was a silent screen star has also been see gracing the spirit world. Pickford a writer, producer, and also a co-founder of United Artists was seen by comic Buddy Rodgers as her ghost appeared in a white ruffled dress.

Jean Harlow

    The spirit of Jean Harlow has also been reported to have been seen in the bedroom of her home where she was "allegedly beaten" by her husband.

Jack London

    Jack London is one of the best known authors of all time, as well as one of the most read. There are very few people in the world who haven't heard of his book "Call of the Wild", if not read the book or seen one of the movies based on it. yet many people do not realize that London left behind a haunted home.
    London previously lived in a private home base in the Sonoma Valley known as Wolf House. The house took 30 men to build, and was created with natural local materials such as redwood and volcanic rock. London himself planned the house, and thou it was so large, only him and his wife would live there.
In 1913 the house mysteriously caught fire, destroying much of the building before anyone ever moved inside. London planned to rebuild the house, but died before plans could be finished.
    Today the area surrounding the old house is known as the Jack London State Park. Visitors left inside the park after dark claim to see and hear some strange things when it comes to the remains of the house. Some hear stairs creaking though there are no stairs left today, and others feel someone touching their arm, or hair when no one else is there. Still others believe that they've seen odd creatures and strange phantoms running through the woods. Others have reportedly experienced cold spots at the old house, and had strange images appear in the photographs they took there.
    Of course there are stories surrounding the ghost of Jack London. The author's wife believed that the man haunted a small house they lived in together. Following his death people that lived in the house claimed to hear someone walking through the hallways and opening or closing the door to the den. His wife told them that London used the den for his writing, and walked through the halls when he was suffering from writer's block.

Bugsy Siegel

     Bugsy Siegel was a ladies man, and a smooth operator. He could charm even the coolest man, and seduce the most beautiful women. He always had a beautiful woman on his arm, and most of those women had no clue what he actually did with his life.
Bugsy was always something of a criminal. During the 1920's he and his gang of men ran a number of different operations in New York, including bringing bootleg alcohol into the city. He also began working as a hired hit man for the mob, and was given the nickname Bugsy. the mob was so enamored of him that they sent him to California.
While in California Bugsy became even more of a ladies man. he was meant to run their operations, but also spent time hanging out with celebrities. Bugsy was known for his famous friends including Cary Grand and Jean Harlow. At the same time he continued his work as a hired hit man.
    By the 1940's he had moved onto Las Vegas, and creating grand plans of turning it into a western paradise. With 6 million dollars in financial backing, he set to work on his first resort. Named the Flamingo, after one of his mistresses, it was one of his favorite places in the world. He kept suites reserved for his different girlfriends. He was so busy having his fun that he never noticed how unhappy the mob was.
The mob want their money back and he didn't have it to give back. The resort was operating at a loss, compounded by the amount of money he kept skimming off the top. The hit on Siegel was decided in 1946, but when the hotel finally began turning a profit, he thought he was in the clear with the mob.
    Siegel was shot dead in the home of his mistress Virginia Hill. Bugsy is rumored to haunt the old Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. The mob continued to support the business after his murder. Some believe that he continues to haunt his former residence, the Presidential Suite. Visitors to the hotel have claimed to feel cold spots in the room. Others have seen his spirit standing near the pool table, while others have experienced his ghost near the bathroom. His ghost is not threatening or upset, just there. The suite is now gone, but his ghost is still seen near the pool and in the Wedding Chapel. In addition his ghost is sometimes seen i the new Presidential Suite.

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