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 This diy comes from www.pearls-handcuffs-happyhour.blogspot.com.  This was too precious to pass up.  Just think of what your little boy or girl would do if they found one of these on their door or in their stocking on Christmas morning.  Almost reminds me of the famous bell from the "Polar Express".

Santa’s Magic Key

Have y’all seen these?! I was at the cutest little shop about a month ago and they were selling “Santa’s Magic Key”. The price tag? $20!!!! {Yeah. Ummm…just incase you don’t know me well, I’m not a “pay full price” kind of person. Like, not at all. And if it’s something I think I can duplicate on my own, well then I’m all about it. }
So I headed to Hobby Lobby & picked up some vintage style skeleton keys. I found a set of 6 on a ring and they.were. PRESH. AND, they were half off so I paid $6. {That’s like $1 a key!!!} I googled “Santa’s Magic Key  Poems” and there were about a gajillion that popped up, but this is the one I liked the best…
It’s the night before Christmas & we’re excited as can be.
We’re leaving this out for you…it’s a very special key.
You can shimmy down the chimney, or tiptoe through the door.
Just use this key we left for you to find cookies, milk, & more!
I created a tag, found a fun font, & typed the poem onto the tag along with a picture of the cutest little vintage Santa. I printed out the tag, cut it, and backed it onto a thick piece of textured cardstock. Then I used my mod podge to seal it together {I really like the finish better than using a glue stick and used my distress ink pad to give it a vintage-y feel.



I punched a hole in the tag & strung a little ribbon through it & attached the key. SO super easy and TOO cute {if you ask me ;)}. The boys will EAT.THIS.UP!!!!!!!



Santa’s Magic Key is all ready for him & we can’t wait for him to visit!!!
Total cost of this fun little project?! A whopping $1!!!!! The keys were about $1 a piece…I had the cardstock, ink pad, & ribbon on hand, so there was no cost there! I saved $19!!
Wanna make a magic key for Santa?! Head to the nearest Hobby Lobby…pick up a set of keys…and download the tag HERE. {Leave me a comment if the link doesn’t work…I’ll be happy to send you the template!!!} Enjoy!!!!!


The history of Santa Claus: 7 interesting facts

From why he wears a red suit to when he got hitched to Mrs. Claus, a look at the myth making behind jolly old St. Nick

Santa Claus's jolly, rotund appearance and his ability to slide implausibly down chimneys are relatively recent additions to his mythology.

1. He was real... sort of 
As Christmas approaches, children around the world have Santa on the brain. They're anxiously wondering if they've been overly naughty or sufficiently nice, and eagerly daydreaming about their potential gift hauls. But exactly how did the jolly, bearded North Pole resident evolve into the cultural icon we know today? Here, seven interesting facts about his evolution:
Folklore may have turned Santa Claus into a toy distributor who mans a sleigh led by eight flying reindeer, but he is actually based, loosely, on a real person. Born around the year 270, St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, a town in what is now Turkey. He earned a reputation as an anonymous gift giver, by paying the dowries of impoverished girls and handing out treats and coins to children — often leaving them in their shoes, set out at night for that very purpose. Since his death, Nicholas has been canonized as the patron saint of children.

2. He's only been 'Santa Claus' for 200 years
A Dutch tradition kept St. Nicholas' story alive in the form of Sinterklaas, a bishop who traveled from house to house to deliver treats to children on the night of Dec. 5. The first anglicizing of the name to Santa Claus was in a story that appeared in a New York City newspaper in 1773.

3. Satire first sent Santa down a chimney
In his satiric 1809 book A History of New York, Washington Irving did away with the characterization of Santa Claus as a "lanky bishop," says Whipps. Instead, Irving described Santa as a portly, bearded man who smokes a pipe. Irving's story also marked the first time Santa slid down the chimney, says the U.K.'s Independent.

4. "Twas the Night Before Christmas" introduced the reindeer
Clement Moore's 1822 poem A Visit From Saint Nicholas — which is now more commonly referred to as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" — was first published anonymously in the Troy, N.Y., Sentinel on Dec. 23, 1823. The 56-line poem introduced and popularized many of Santa's defining characteristics — chiefly, that he drove a sleigh guided by "eight tiny reindeer."

5. Coca-Cola created the modern Mr. Claus
When Father Christmas first began showing up in illustrations, he wore many different colored robes: Green, purple, blue, and brown, among others. Beginning in the late 1800s, it became popular to outfit Santa in a red suit. Artist Louis Prang depicted him that way in a series of Christmas cards in 1885, and The New York Times reported on the red garments in 1927. But the modern image of Santa Claus as the jolly man in the red suit was seared into American pop culture in 1931, when artist Haddon Sundblom illustrated him that way for a widely-circulated campaign for Coca-Cola. 

6. The department store Santa is a 120-year-old tradition
In 1890, Massachusetts businessman James Edgar became the first department store Santa, according to The Smoking Jacket. Edgar is credited with coming up with the idea of dressing up in a Santa Claus costume as a marketing tool. Children from all over the state dragged their parents to Edgar's small dry goods store in Brockton, and a tradition was born.

7. Santa was a bachelor until the late 1800s
The first mention of a spouse for Santa was in the 1849 short story A Christmas Legend by James Rees. Over the next several years, the idea of Mrs. Claus found its way into several literary publications, like the Yale Literary Magazine and Harper's Magazine. But it wasn't until Katherine Lee Bates' widely-circulated 1889 poem Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride that Santa's wife was popularized. ("Goody" is short for "Goodwife," or "Mrs.")


   India is a secular nation and houses every community. Christians are a minority here and form nearly 2.3% of the population. But the fact that there are only about 25 million Christians in India, in no way lessens the observance of the festival. Moreover, the occassion is celebrated not only by Christians but by people of other religions as well.
   The tradition of Christmas observance was introduced here with the colonisation of Europeans. Though the country gained its independence in 1947, many European customs and festivals stayed on. The fact that there is the presence of a Christian community in India, helped the maintaining of these traditions in no less a way. Today, Christmas is the biggest and most-loved festival of Indian Christians. The festival is also enthusiastically celebrated by people of other religions residing here.

   Like in many other countries, Christmas is observed in India on 25th December. Everyone gears up for the festival from nearly a week before. Business stores are decked up for the occassion with every gift shop packed with Christmas treespresentsornaments and other items of decoration that are bought by millions of enthusiastic celebrants of the festival.
   For Indian Christians, especially the Catholics, the Midnight mass on Christmas Eve is a very important service and holds great religious significance. Every year, on the night of 24th December, all members in Christian families visit their local churches to attend the Midnight mass. On this night, churches in India are decorated with Poinsettia flowers and candles. The mass over, everyone relishes a mouthwatering feast of various delicacies, mostly consisting of curries. Thereupon, presents are given to one another and "Merry Christmas" is wished. India being a multicultural nation, many different languages are spoken here. In Hindi and Urdu, Happy/Merry Christmas is 'Bade Din ki Mubarak'; in Sanskrit it is 'Krismasasya shubhkaamnaa'; in Bengali 'Barodiner shubhechha janai'; and in Tamil it's 'Christhu Jayanthi Nalvaalthukal'.

   Nativity plays are staged in many schools(mainly the Christian ones) and churches on Christmas morning. The perfomances by young children depict the birth, life and actions of Jesus Christ and usually end with the singing of hymns and carols and the visit of a person dressed as Santa to distribute candies/toffees to kids. In the metros a smiling Santa Claus, entertaining children at departmental stores with toys and gifts, is not an uncommon sight. Caroling processions on streets and thoroughfares can also be seen on 24th night.
   A sizeable population of the Christian Community reside in Mumbai of the Indian state of Maharashtra and are mainly Roman Catholics. It is a delight to watch their homes during Christmas. Every Christian home creates a nativity scene, often display a manger in the front window. Giant star-shaped paper lanterns are hung between the houses so that the stars float above you as you walk down the road. There is a provision of sweets, mainly home-made, in every household to welcome visitors during the occassion. In Southern states, Christians often light small clay oil lamps and place these on the flat roofs of their homes to show that Jesus is the light of the world. In the North-western states of India, the tribal Christians of the Bhil folk take out caroling processions during the whole Christmas week and often visit neighbouring villages to tell the Christmas story to people through songs.

    In India, Father Christmas or Santa Claus is held to be the giver of presents to children from a horse and cart. As in the U.S., he is believed to deliver presents at the house of every kid who behaves well during the whole year. Santa Claus is known as 'Christmas Baba' in Hindi and 'Christmas Thaathaa' in Tamil.


Prada "Enormous Floral Suitecases"  Window Display

PRADA has enormous floral printed suitcases in their Christmas window display.
The floral prints from the PRADA Resort collection of Spring / Summer 2014are not only used for their suitcases but also for dresses and men’s shirts.

Saks Fifth Ave " The Yeti Story" Window Display

Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store comes alive with the unveiling of its iconic holiday windows and the debut of its Snowflake Spectacular, a dramatic light show projected onto the façade of the building. Performing for guests this year will be Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell, singer Frankie Moreno and the Young People’s Chorus of New York City led by Artistic Director Francisco Nunez, followed by an exclusive performance to “Carol of the Bells” by young dancers from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre.
“It gives every one of us at Saks Fifth Avenue great joy to share our iconic holiday windows with the city of New York,” said Richard Baker, Governor & CEO of Hudson’s Bay Company, parent of Saks Fifth Avenue. “The window unveiling is the official start to the holiday season here at Saks, and I am honored to carry the tradition forward with this celebration. Everyone—from resident New Yorkers to tourists—will be dazzled by this year’s display.”
best-window-displays_saks-fifth-avenue_2013_christmas_the-yeti-story_02Saks Fifth Avenue’s annual holiday light show will turn the façade of the iconic luxury retailer into a traffic-stopping festive 3D spectacle. Snowflakes, ice skaters, gifts and a Yeti all interact through a custom-built, six-projector system. Iris Worldwide has developed the dramatic light show, which utilizes state-of-the-art imaging technology to create a vivid 3D projection that maps the holiday story onto the building’s exterior. After the debut, the show will continue every evening throughout the holiday season.
best-window-displays_saks-fifth-avenue_2013_christmas_the-yeti-story_06For the first time ever, the six animated Fifth Avenue windows will feature the story of the legendary Yeti, who is rumored to live on the Saks Fifth Avenue roof, making snow during the holiday season. Each window depicts a scene from The Yeti Story—from the Yeti’s life as an under-appreciated snowmaker in Siberia to his starring role as a true snowflake artist in New York.
An interactive window created in collaboration with MasterCard gives everyone a chance to be a part of the celebration. Beginning on the evening of the unveiling, guests who visit saks.com/snow will be able to create their own personal Yeti name and snowflake, which can be ‘flicked’ from a phone or tablet onto digital displays in the windows. The mobile site was created by The Science Project, featuring artwork from renowned designers Marian Bantjes and Stefan Bucher.
best-window-displays_saks-fifth-avenue_2013_christmas_the-yeti-story_07Another special window features a holiday Cadillac. The “Frozen Escalade” prominently features the front clip of a White Diamond 2015 Escalade—a limited edition model offered exclusively to Saks customers. The display’s vehicle will have functioning LED running lamps, which appears to be embedded and breaking through a block of ice.
Other Fifth Avenue windows will feature blueprint architectural drawings of the 32 Marian Bantjes snowflakes that have become synonymous with the holidays at Saks Fifth Avenue and will serve as the backdrop to the fashion featured in this year’s windows.

Bloomingdales "All Wrapped Up" Holiday Windows

The theme of Bloomingdale’s holiday window displays is “All Wrapped Up In”, where each window displays a different country celebrating the holidays.
best-window-displays_bloomingdales_2013_christmas_all-wrapped-in_02Festive greetings from FRANCE!
Good cheer from CHINA!
Great gifts from GREAT BRITAIN!
Merry moments from ITALY!
best-window-displays_bloomingdales_2013_christmas_all-wrapped-in_09All Wrapped In…

Tiffany and Co. "Snowy New York Streets" Display

Tiffany & Co unveiled their Holiday window display where the snowy New York streets come alive with Tiffany Blue boxes.
best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2013_christmas_02A row of elegant townhouses, imagined along New York’s Upper East Side, festooned with white and yellow diamond jewelry.
best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2013_christmas_03Snow-covered homes glow with holiday warmth and Tiffany Soleste® rings.
best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2013_christmas_04A flurry of snow and Tiffany diamond jewelry.
best-window-displays_tiffany-co_2013_christmas_05All is calm, all is bright . . . with The Tiffany® Setting.

Barneys New York Window Display

Barneys New York unveiled their holiday window displays inspired by New York.
In collaboration with Shawn ‘JAY Z’ Carter a limited edition collection is designed, where Barneys New York will donate 100% of sales from to the Shawn Carter Foundation. The charity awards post-secondary scholarships to students facing socio-economic hardships.
REFLECTIONS: The faceted structured is covered in thousands of mirrors, resulting in an ever-changing light show of infinite reflections and patterns. Art directed by Joanie Lemercier, art by Kyle McDonald, produced by Julia Kaganskiy, technical directed by Christie.
FLOATING CITY: With the help of an attached structure built out onto the Madison Avenue sidewalk, the second window becomes a darkened theater, which the public can enter and exit via doors on either side. The show, which will be repeated constantly throughout the day, shows a floating version of New York City created by 3D mapping and light projections.
CITY LIGHTS: Using constantly moving patterns of LED lights, the third window represents the constant movement in New York City. Those patterns are interpreted in light for infinite movements.
BNY NYC SLEIGH RIDE: This window is is an interactive, improvisational experience that hearkens back to the holiday tradition of children visiting Santa Claus. Santa and Mrs. Claus—played by performers from the Upright Citizens brigade and outfitted in costumes by Zaldy—will inhabit the window and invite children and their parents to step inside the window for a virtual sleigh ride, which will take a ride over the city of New York with the help of an immersive video.

Bergdorf Goodman " Holiday on Ice" Display

Bergdorf Goodman revealed their Holiday windows of 2013 with the theme “Holidays on Ice”. The windows are unveiled by Andy Cohen (Television host), Linda Fargo (Senior Vice President of Women’s Fashion Office and Store Presentation) and STREB Extreme Action Company.
BERGDORF GOODMAN Holiday Window Reveal
BERGDORF GOODMAN Holiday Window Reveal
STREB performers came down with action movements from the fourth floor to pull back the curtains to reveal the Holidays on Ice windows. Each window displays a different Holiday.
best-window-displays_bergdorf-goodman_2013_christmas_holidays-on-ice_16The Arbor Day window. The mannequin is dressed in Alexander McQueen Resort, sitting in a tree with crystal leaves and flowers.
best-window-displays_bergdorf-goodman_2013_christmas_holidays-on-ice_17The Fourth of July window. The female mannequin is wearing a dress of Rodarte on the drums and the male mannquins in Thom Browne New York.
best-window-displays_bergdorf-goodman_2013_christmas_holidays-on-ice_18The April Fool’s Day window. Bergdorf Goodman is fooling passers-by with an upside-down garden party window display for the April Fool’s Day window, where the mannequin is dressed in an Oscar de la Renta gown.
best-window-displays_bergdorf-goodman_2013_christmas_holidays-on-ice_19The Valentine’s Day window. The mannequin is dressed in Giambattista Valli Couture and Oscar de la Renta-clad sits at an ice-carved desk. Surrounded by pink colored Valentine presents, like sweets, roses and jewelry.
best-window-displays_bergdorf-goodman_2013_christmas_holidays-on-ice_20The Halloween window. The mannequin is dressed in an onyx plumed evening gown by Naeem Khan, standing behind a Swarovski crystal-flecked spider web and haunted mansion of black ice.


DC " Mountain Monsters" Display

DC shoes collaborated with artist Kevin Lyons from Brooklyn, New York, creating a Holiday clothing collection that’s street inspired. The clothing line features sweatshirts, hoodies, gloves, tights, pants and snowboard jackets.
For the official inauguration of the clothing line, Parisian shop “Colette” asked Kevin Lyons to create their window display. The window display is inspired by the hills of Méribel. During his stay at the french ski resort he saw the collection mountains as a crew and got inspired to create a mountain variation of one of his illustrated character. To complete the snow theme Kevin Lyons painted Monster Snow on the window.