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This diy comes from .  What better way to give a gift on the New Year and it will also work to tell everyone's champagne glasses apart too. Enjoy!

DIY Wine or Champagne Glass Charms
That time of year is here again – we’ve got guests visiting from all over just about every weekend until the end of the year. With all the festivities planned over the next few months, I wanted to make some wine glass charms to help keep everyone’s glass identified during all the celebrating.
I first found out about an embossing powder called Amazing Glaze that hardens to a resin from my friend Cathe, she had used it to to make a memory pet tag and decal penny pendant in the past and I really wanted to try it out! I ordered the powder, some pendant bases and earwires, then came up with several versions of DIY wine glass charms. The first are these blingy sparklers which will work for just about any occasion.

With the right supplies, these are so easy to make! Find some e…


The Original Christmas Tree Ship

   The story of the beginning of the Christmas Tree Ship is the story of the Schuenemann family, and most particularly the story of Capt Herman Schuenemann and his last ship, the Rouse Simmons.
   In approximately 1885 August and his brother Herman Schuenemann moved to Chicago to seek out their fortune. Chicago’s Harbor was one of the busiest in the world at this time with over 20,000 vessels entering and leaving annually. As competition was fierce, the brothers became excellent businessmen as well as sailors. Although they made a relatively good living, two-thirds of their annual income was generated between Thanksgiving and Christmas with the sale of trees. August had become a truly competitive trader and by 1895 had a well-established reputation as a Christmas tree merchant. In early November of 1898, August was in Sturgeon Bay looking for trees that he would bring to Chicago on a ship named the S. Thal. He purchased 3,500 trees and on No…


This diy comes from  Make this ahead of the Christmas season and your children will enjoy finding what little treasures and candies lie beneath the lids of the holiday tin advent calendar.

Magnetic Holiday Advent Calendar DIY

UPDATE:Wow, and I thought I was being so clever, Martha beat me to it by a whole year! Check out her version!
The long Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect opportunity to get started on some of those Christmas crafts you’ve got planned. I started a little early this year so that I could share this little project with you and I hope you enjoy.
Some of my fondest holiday memories from childhood were around the advent calendar. My grandfather would mail us one every year and I can remember how excited we were every day to open the tiny doors to see the surprise inside! Typically chocolate but sometimes a small trinket or toy.
This project is a new take on the traditional advent calendar and one that will easily last for years. With just a few b…


Christmas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is more of a religious festival than being commercial. Most people won't have any presents.
   Christmas Eve is very important with Churches having big musical evenings (most churches have at least 5 or 6 choirs) and a nativity play. These plays last a very long time. They start at the beginning of the evening with the creation and the Garden of Eden and end with the story of King Herod killing the baby boys.
   People taking part in the play really like to show off their 'best' acting skills and tend to go over the top and 'ham it up'! King Herod and the soldiers are often figures of fun (like pantomime 'baddies') and Mary is often well advanced in labour before she arrives!

   The birth of Jesus is timed to happen as close to midnight as possible and after that come the shepherds, the wise men and the slaughter of the innocents. This means the play normally finishes about 1am. However, in some places…


This diy come from .  These would make great childrens stockings.  After they are sewn together, let them decorate them to the childs liking.  Good luck!

Here are some fun and cute stocking ideas.
In fact, wouldn’t these be fun to scale down and put on packages? OR, maybe you know a child who has a birthday around Christmas? You could scale them down and make cute little goodie bags, er, stockings to take home.

Fancy Boot Stocking

This boot was made for stuffing, and that’s just what Santa will do this Christmas Eve.


2 pieces of purple felt, each 24 by 15 inches
2 pieces of black faux fur, each 24 by 15 inches
Long sewing pins
Large-eye sewing needle
Purple embroidery floss
Costume jewelry buttons and chains (sold at many fabric stores)
Clear tape
9 inches of black twist cord
Time needed: About 2 to 3 Hours
1. The Basic Stocking: Click here to download the fancy boot stocking pattern.
2. Cut 1 boot shape from each piece of the purple f…


This diy comes from .  Enjoy!
Craft: Music Sheet Stars I was looking through the new Pottery Barn (PB) catalog when I stumbled upon something that looked very familiar, paper stars. And they weren't just any paper stars but over sized lucky stars. Did anyone else catch that? Every year PB comes out with something to fill their vases and apothecary jars. This year one of the fillers was over-sized lucky stars.

Some of you might remember I wrote a tutorial for basic lucky stars long ago, here. So, I'm resurrecting the tutorial along with an explanation on how to make these music sheet stars. For the most part the process is the same but there are a few adjustments.

Music sheets - search online to find holiday carols and print on light brown paper. Position your sheet music so it's formatted in landscape.
Paper trimmer or scissors
Double stick tape

Basic Star Instructions

Instructions For Large Stars
1. Cut music sheets into (2…