Monday, May 2, 2011


    May is well known for Memorial Day, but what about other holidays? There is actually a holiday for every single day of the month. These national food holidays are not only fun to celebrate, but a great excuse to make delicious foods. Read on to get ideas on how to celebrate these fantastic food holidays.

  • National Chocolate Parfait Day May 1: This food holiday is very easy to celebrate. Just make a parfait using pieces of brownies, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.
  • National Truffles Day May 2: On this food holiday, you can either prepare homemade truffles or visit your local candy shop.
  • National Raspberry Tart Day May 3: This food holiday is perfect for summer. Just use a pre-baked tart shell and fill it with a sweetened cream cheese, raspberry jam, and fresh raspberries.
  • National Homebrew Day May 4: If you love beer, why not make your own? You can find kits and recipe online.
  • National Chocolate Custard Day May 5: While pudding mixes are delicious, why not take the time to make homemade chocolate custard?
  • International No Diet Day May 6: After all those days of being on your best behavior, why not celebrate this food holiday to its fullest? The best way to do this is to create a dessert buffet.
  • National Roast Leg of Lamb Day May 7: While Memorial Day revolves around barbeque's; you can still enjoy a large holiday meal. Just serve roast leg of lamb and all those great side dishes.
  • National EmpaƱada Day May 8: On this delightful food holiday, why not visit an authentic Mexican restaurant?
  • National Butterscotch Brownie Day May 9: Everyone loves brownies. On this food holiday, shake things up with butterscotch brownies.
  • National Shrimp Day May 10: The warm summer months are the perfect time for seafood. Fry up some shrimp and serve with homemade hushpuppies and French fries.
  • Eat What You Want Day May 11: Okay, this month does go a little overboard. But, this is still a fun food holiday to celebrate.
  • National Nutty Fudge Day May 12: This is another great reason to visit your local candy shop.
  • National Fruit Cocktail Day May 13: Finally, a food holiday that is healthy. Enjoy it to its fullest.
  • National Buttermilk Biscuit Day May 14: Get up early and prepare a large breakfast on this food holiday.
  • National Chocolate Chip Day May 15: What could be better than chocolate chip cookies? Or chocolate chip ice cream?
  • National Coquilles St. Jacques Day May 16: A delightful combination of scallops, mushrooms, and a creamy sauce. Find great recipes online.
  • National Cherry Cobbler Day May 17: Visit your local farmer's market and make a homemade cherry cobbler. Just don't forget the vanilla ice cream.
  • National Cheese Souffle Day May 18: On this food holiday, why not prepare a gourmet blue cheese souffle.
  • National Devil's Food Cake Day May 19: Don't have time to bake? Enjoy a devil's food snack cake instead.
  • Pick Strawberries Day May 20: This is the perfect food holiday for summer. Visit a local farm and pick your own strawberries for a delicious pie.
  • National Strawberries and Cream Day May 21: Enjoy some of the strawberries you picked with a bit of cream.
  • National Vanilla Pudding Day May 22: This is another easy food holiday to celebrate. Just pack a vanilla pudding cup in your lunch.
  • National Taffy Day May 23: Laffy Taffy. Need I say more? Of course, you can always make your own.
  • National Escargot Day May 24: I'm sorry, but I can't recommend celebrating this food holiday. But, I'm sure you can find great recipes online.
  • National Wine Day May 25: Why not enjoy a sunset with your sweetie and a nice glass of wine? Make the day even more special by creating a romantic picnic.
  • National Cherry Dessert Day May 26: Why not try your hand at homemade cherry ice cream?
  • National Grape Popsicle Day May 27: Make homemade Popsicles using 100% grape juice. Not only will they taste better, but they'll be healthier as well.
  • National Brisket Day May 28: Breakout the grill and make some barbecue on the fine food holiday. Just don't forget all those great sides.
  • National Coq Au Vin Day May 29: Find a great recipe for this dish at Food Network's website.
  • National Mint Julip Day May 30: On this food holiday, kick back and enjoy summer.
  • National Macaroon Day May 31: Visit your local bakery and enjoy some macaroons and ice cream.


    You probably already knew that Mother's Day and Memorial Day are in May. But did you know that you can celebrate one (or more) holidays every day this month? Here is a list of one holiday for each day in May.

May 1: Law Day - You should do your best to avoid breaking the law today, of all days.

May 2: National Play Your Ukulele Day - You know, since you have one and all.

May 3: Garden Meditation Day - If you have a garden then get out there and do some meditating.

Day 4: Respect for Chickens Day - We don't want to see any chickens running around with their heads cut off. That would be entirely disrespectful on Respect for Chickens Day.
May 5: Cartoonists Day - Cartoonists, this one's for you.

May 6: No Diet Day - Give up your diet for a day and just eat what you want. Oh, wait - Eat What You Want Day is May 11th. Just give up your diet for the day.

May 7: No Pants Day - Does this mean every one's going to be out with no pants on today?

May 8: No Socks Day - I'm sure you can figure this one out

May 9: Mother's Day - Aww, come on. Show your mommy some love!

May 10: Windmill Day - Take some time today to appreciate all that windmills do.

May 11: Eat What You Want Day - Actually, I usually eat what I want every day. But does that mean we can pig out if that's what we want to do?

May 12: Limerick Day - Write a limerick about your favorite May holiday.

May 13: Frog Jumping Day - Go find some frogs and hold a jumping contest to see which can jump the highest.

May 14: National Chicken Dance Day - dad dada dada DA!, da dada dada DA!, da dada dada DA!, clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!

May 15: International Day of Families - If you don't have a family, adopt one for the day.

May 16: National Sea Monkey Day - Go to the pet store and ask if you can buy a Sea Monkey.

May 17: World Telecommunications Day - Telecommunicate with someone across the world.

May 18: Visit Your Relatives Day - Does it matter that they live 2,000 miles away?

May 19: National Employee Health and Fitness Day - If you're not an employee, you don't have to worry about it.

May 20: Weights & Measures Day - If you haven't weighed and measured yourself lately, it's about time you did.

May 21: National Wait Staff Day - When you go out, actually be nice to the wait staff for once.

May 22: National Wig Out Day - It's okay if you need to wig out today

May 23: National Taffy Day - Do Laffy Taffys count? Mmm.

May 24: Morse Code Day - Instead of talking, use Morse Code to communicate with everyone. If they don't understand, that's their problem.

May 25: Cookie Monster's Birthday - You know what that means, right?

May 26: National Senior Health & Fitness Day ( - Again, if you're not a senior, don't worry about it.

May 27: Cellophane Tape Day - See what you can do using only cellophane tape.

May 28: Sierra Club Day - Join or start your own Sierra Club.

May 29: International Jazz Day - Have a party and only play jazz music.

May 30: Hug Your Cat Day - Show your kitty some love

May 31: Memorial Day - What can you do to celebrate Memorial Day?