Wednesday, August 7, 2013


   This great idea comes from www.thelittledelightsinlife.com.  For those who don't like the taste and time it takes to put fondant on a cake.  Good luck!

   This video is really helpful and shows you step by step what your cake should look like, the way to put a crumb coat on, the final layer of frosting, and then how to smooth it out with a Viva paper towel. This can get your cake so smooth that it looks like fondant!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any problems!

Remember that the frosting needs to be thin!! Visit my How To Make Buttercream Frosting tutorial and I show you how to get a great consistency!


   August is the hottest month in the U.S.,  that means some really hot and happening food holidays too.

National Sandwich Month

We all love them so now lets learn about them. The term sandwich is occasionally used (informally) in reference to open-faced sandwiches; these normally consist of a single slice of bread topped with meat, salad vegetables, and various condiments. These differ from a normal sandwich in that they have a single slice of bread instead of two, with toppings instead of a filling. The open-faced sandwich also has a .....

National Peach Month

Are you ready to add some peaches to your menu this month? A medium peach (75 grams), has about 30 calories, seven grams of carbohydrates (six grams of sugar and one gram of fibre), one gram of protein, 140 miligrams of potassium, and 8% of the Dietary Reference Intake for vitamin C.

National Catfish Month

Catfish is eaten in a variety of ways; in Europe it is often cooked in similar ways to carp, but in the United States it is typically crumbed with cornmeal and fried. In Indonesia catfish are usually served grilled in street stalls called warung and eaten with vegetables. Catfish is high in Vitamin D. Farm-raised catfish contains low levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a much higher proportion of omega-6 fatty acids.

Goat Cheese Month 
Goat cheese has been made for thousands of years, and was probably one of the earliest made dairy products. Goat milk is often used by those who are young, are ill, or have a low tolerance to cows' milk. Goat milk is more similar to human milk than that of the cow, although there is large variation among breeds in both animals.

Eat Dessert first month

In Western culture dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food. But during the month of August dessert lovers everywhere are given the go ahead to eat our desserts first and not feel bad about doing it. That's right August celebrates the sweet tooth.

National Watermelon Month

National Brownies At Brunch Month

National Water Quality Month

Movable Days

• National Mustard Day is the first Saturday.

• National Apple Week Is The Second week.

Daily Observances

• August 1 - National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

• August 2 - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

• August 3 - National Watermelon Day

• August 4 - National Chocolate Chip Day

• August 4 - National Champagne Day

• August 5 -

• August 6 - National Root Beer Float Day

 August 7 - National Raspberries & Cream Day

• August 8 - National Frozen Custard Day

 August 9 National Rice Pudding Day

• August 10 - National S'Mores Day

• August 11 - National Raspberry Bombe Day

• August 12 - National Toasted Almond Bar Day

• August 13 - National Filet Mignon Day

• August 14 - National Creamsicle Day

• August 15 - National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

• August 16 - National Rum Day

• August 17 - National Vanilla Custard Day

• August 17 - Cup Cake Day

• August 18 - National Ice Cream Pie Day

• August 19 - National Soft Ice Cream Day

• August 20 - National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

• August 20 - National Lemonade Day

• August 21 - National Spumoni Day

 August 22 - National Pecan Torte Day

• August 23 - National Spongecake Day

• August 24 - National Waffle Day

• August 24 - National Peach Pie Day

• August 25 - National Banana Split Day

 August 25 - National Waffle Day

• August 26 - National Cherry Popsicle Day

• August 27 - National Pots du Creme Day

• August 28 - National Cherry Turnover Day

• August 29 - National Whisky Sour Day

• August 29 - More Herbs Less Salt day (Eat Healthy Day!)

• August 29 - National Lemon Juice Day

• August 30 - National Marshmallow Toasting Day

• August 31 - National Trail Mix Day

• August 31 - Eat outside day


  This month has some funny, exciting, and wacky holidays to celebrate all month long. In fact, there is at least one holiday to observe each day during the month of August (with the exception of the 2nd). Here are some suggestions for celebrating each day in August.

August 1: World Wide Web Day - Celebrate this holiday by spending your day exploring the World Wide Web.

August 2: Make Your Own Holiday - This one's obvious...

August 3: Watermelon Day - Try different recipes using watermelon. Eat watermelon at every meal. Don't just eat it - drink it!

August 4: National Chocolate Chip Day - You can't go wrong with chocolate chips. If you don't have time to bake cookies, they aren't bad alone!

August 5: International Beer Day - This should be a fun day for some of you.

August 6: National Fresh Breath (Halitosis) Day - Offer everyone you meet a stick of gum.

August 7: Lighthouse Day - I'm not really sure how one can celebrate Lighthouse Day.

August 8: Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day - Do that.

August 9: Veep Day - All I know is it has something to do with the Presidency...

August 10: S'mores Day - Is your mouth watering yet?

August 11: President's Joke Day (2010) - Crack a Presidential joke (in private if it may be offensive!).

August 12: Sewing Machine Day - Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it. Use your newfound talent to make yourself a new wardrobe.

August 13: International Left Hander's Day - Honor all left handers by doing everything with your left hand today. Lefties, switch it up by using your right.

August 14: National Garage Sale Day  - Hit all the local sales bright and early (before all the good stuff is gone).

August 15: National Relaxation Day - Hey, I knew you'd like this one!

August 16: Joe Miller's Joke Day - Crack some jokes.

August 17: Meaning of "Is" Day - What does "is" mean to you?

August 18: Bad Poetry Day - Hey, not all poetry has to be good. Write your very worst poem today.

August 19: "Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day - Not any old root beer float will do; it has to be "Black Cow".

August 20: Virtual World's Day - All reality aside, get lost in the virtual world for the day.

August 21: National Homeless Animals Day (2010) - There are tens of thousands of homeless animals in the world. What can you do to help?

August 22: Be an Angel Day - Or at least pretend.

August 23: Day for the Remembrance of Slave Trade and Its Abolition - Ahem--I said its abolition, not its existence.

August 24: National Waffle Day - Frozen waffles count.

August 25: Kiss and Make Up Day - In a tiff? Kiss and make up (at least for the day).

August 26: National Dog Day - What can you do on National Dog Day? Give your dog a bone.

August 27: Global Forgiveness Day - Have no worries. Forgive the globe....

August 28: Race Your Mouse around the Icons Day - Oh, boy! This one sounds like fun. And I can't forget; today is also 'Crackers over the Keyboard Day'.

August 29: National Sarcoidosis Day - Don't even ask what sarcoidosis is....

August 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day - No, they can't be raw. You have to eat them toasted.

August 31: Love Litigating Lawyers Day - You gotta love 'em. You gotta.