Saturday, June 19, 2010


   Black cats have been the subject of much fear and superstition for centuries.  Depending on the part of the world you lived in, and the time in history in which you lived, they could be associated with evil, demons, illness, prosperity, luck....even a storm at sea.  Superstitions about these cats still remain, and unfortunately they sometimes become the objects of fear.
   The color black was ( and still is, to an extent) associated with mystery, darkness and evil.  Cats that were totally or mainly black were therefore often associated with witches.  As a result, many a poor woman was burnt at the stake or drowned in the local river in the Middle Ages in Britain, and her pet cat was often burned or drowned along with her.
   Some people believed these cats were demons, or a form of the devil, in disguise, so the woman who owned the cat must therefore be a witch.  Others believed that the cats aided witches in performing black magic.  Some thought they were actually witches in disguise, and even believed they could fly on a broom.
   In addition to the witch association, the black cat is the subject of many more curious beliefs, which are sometimes completely different depending which part of the world you're in.