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If you are looking for a frightening tale of witches these choices beat Blair Witch Project any day! These top 10 best witch horror movies will have you clutching your seat especially if watched in the dark.

#1 Crowhaven Farm (1970)
   This made for television movie is simple yet terrifying. A woman moves into a farmhouse she inherited with her husband only to find it all so familiar. She has dreams of another life in which she betrayed her witch friends to save her own skin. The question is will she do it again?

#2: Warlock (1989)
   Julian Sands is fantastic as the meanest witch of all trying to undo creation. He manages to escape his execution in the seventeen century by fleeing to the twentieth with Satan's help. Hot on his heels in a witch hunter seeking to destroy the witch before hell comes to earth.

#3: The Gift (2000)
   Cate Blanchett plays a good witch who reads Tarot cards to help raise her two young children. When a young woman disappears she is enlisted to help fin…


The Patum of Berga is the famous firecracker party celebrated at Berga. It is a traditional celebration performed during the Corpus Christi and it has been declared by Catalonia government as traditional party of national interest in 1983 and after by UNESCO as oral and immaterial patrimony of the humanity in 2005.
   This celebration consists of diverse representations of mystical and symbolic figures which dance according to the rhythm of the music and drums and it is mainly characterized by the utilization of fire and pyrotechnics.
   The Wednesday before the Thursday of Corpus, the tabal and the giants cross the city announcing the beginning of the parties. Later, the mimic drama begins which is divided in several acts and it represents:  the intense fights of the Christians against the Moors archangel San Miguel, with the help of angels, fights against Lucifer and his devils the jeers against the Arabic commander Abul-Afer (known also as Bullafer), conqueror of the area.