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For a Southerner, a MoonPie is the perfect accompaniment to a Royal Crown Cola. This graham cracker cookie and marshmallow sandwich covered in chocolate has been around for nearly 100 years (the trademark was registered in 1919), and they're still made by the Chattanooga Bakery in Tennessee, the bakery that first produced them. But among the crowds flocking to the Gulf Coast during Carnival, the MoonPie is mostly known for being a Mardi Gras throw (one of the things tossed from parading groups on Fat Tuesday). Children and adults alike clamor for the individually wrapped banana- and chocolate-flavored pies, which help tide the spectators over as the floats roll by.

In Mobile, Alabama, home to America's first Mardi Gras celebrations, MoonPies have become so synonymous with the city and Carnival, that local officials now drop a neon MoonPie from a local office tower on New Year's Eve.

Moonpies are traditionally thrown from Mardi Gras floats in New Orleans, and Mobile, Alabama…


Christmas is a time of presents, anticipation, excitement and goodwill virtually anywhere in the world. In different parts of the world, however, the specific traditions used to celebrate Christmas can vary widely. 10
United States Here in America, a typical tradition at Christmas time is to leave a tray of cookies and a cup of milk out for jolly old Santa Claus. Santa makes his list of the boys and girls that have been either naughty or nice, and comes to their home on the night before Christmas. Santa will leave the good children a gift made by the elves at the North Pole, and he will leave the naughty children nothing but coal in their Christmas stockings. 9
Venezuela During Christmas time in Caracas, Venezuela, from December 16 to December 24, the streets are closed for the roller skating mass. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like: a mass of people roller skating together through town. Frustrating for those trying to make their way through traffic around the streets that are closed …