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This was found at .   I've bought the sculpy clay and it's not very cheap.  Nothings better than making it yourself and saving a few buck at the same time.  Good luck!   There are many things during the holidays when this stuff will come in handy.

Homemade Model Magic
My second-grader recently had a school assignment to make a model of an African animal. Two pounds of model magic costs around $20. I thought perhaps those nifty DIYers would have a recipe or tutorial online and I wasn't disappointed. We whipped up a batch at home, using only two ingredients and water! Since I had these on hand, it didn't cost me, but I'd estimate it at around almost $3, especially if buy generic.

We had fun making the modeling clay and the model! I added food coloring to tint. It worked, but know that for strong color, you'll need stronger coloring gels. We painted our model with craft paint.

DIY Model Magic


2 cups baking soda
1 cup corn starch


Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies I’m all over the place with desserts lately, aren’t I? But you should know by now that I switch between whimsical and rustic desserts like the Kardashians go in out of the news. These are easy to make and even more fun to receive, because-who doesn’t like a bit of whimsy during the holidays? For shipping, I would suggest finishing the meringue  cookies with something less fragile like a red M&M or Sixlet, rather than the piped chocolate stars.

Meringues are one of those desserts that I always associate with the holidays, even though I don’t eat them. Nope, this is one of the few desserts that I don’t like. But guess who does? Matt, the p-i-c-k-i-e-s-t eater I know. Seriously, five out of ten meals gets a no-pass, as in it never sees a second breathe of life. So how is it that he likes meringue? I have no idea, but thank goodness someone in our house likes meringues to test them for me. I’m happy to say these got a huge thumbs up from him, so from my…