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   Celebrating New Year's Eve with a loved one is great. Spending it in a beautiful locale with fireworks and spectacular activities is even better. Here is a list of the top ten places to celebrate New Year's Eve in, and the reasons why you should be here in one of these cities.

London, England
Celebrate New Year's Eve with splash of history at the London Eye, and enjoy a wonderful 10-minute public fireworks display. This year is organized by the Mayor of London and put on by the renowned pyrotechnical Christophe Berthonneau. It will be a jam-packed event making the entire downtown area busy with crowds of people. Here you can bring in the New Year along the banks of the Thames.

Rome, Italy

The Piazza del Popolo is an historic and lovely spot for the festivities. Here you can listen to concerts and view fireworks throughout the evening. There is something magical about bringing in the new year in the twin churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

Sydney, Australia

Why not have New Year's Eve Down Under watching exciting fireworks at the Sydney Harbour? This year will have lots of bright lights filling up the sky as the city will be the place for some of the best fireworks in the world. The barges located in the harbor will shoot off amazing pyrotechnic works of art, making it a New Year's Eve to remember.

Times Square, New York, USA

Watching the Times Square New Years Eve Ball drop in New York is something many Americans view on the television each year as they celebrate New Year's Eve at home. Watching the Ball drop is one thing; being there to watch it drop in person live is something else entirely. This year, the famous Ball will be 12 feet around covered in beautiful Waterford Crystals. Over 32,000 LED lights will fully light the Times Square New Years Eve Ball making the countdown worth waiting for.

Paris, France

   Paris brings visions of romance and wine. Bring your special someone and celebrate New Year's Eve at the Eiffel Tower. In this city, love fills the air and French Champagne flows mightily so why catch a piece of both in Paris. Watching beautiful fireworks at the historic Eiffel Tower after an intimate dinner with wine or Champagne will be a highlight for years to come for any couple.

Barcelona, Spain

Spend New Year's Eve, Noche Vieja, in Barcelona this year and bring in the new year with family and friends. Traditions and superstitions abound in Spain, and one has it if you eat twelve grapes with the twelve tolls of the Puerta del Sol clock, you will have twelve months of prosperity brought to you in the new year. Instead of drinking Champagne, in Spain Cava is the drink of choice. In any plaza you are in when celebrating New Year's Eve in Spain, you are bound to have a great time.

Seattle, Washington, USA

   The Pacific Northwest is a gem of the USA and is green and magical. But if you think celebrations are quiet, think again. This year there parties will abound all over the city. Celebrate New Year's Eve with 5,000 other people in the waterfront area in downtown Seattle. From dancing to live comedy performances, there will be something for everyone.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

   Celebrate Oudjaarsavond, or New Year's Eve, in Amsterdam. This is where you can enjoy fireworks and partying in the streets. If you like a free showing of everyone partaking in the fireworks display, this is the place as everyone will be doing the same by setting off their own fireworks.

Berlin, Germany

   The streets of Berlin come alive during New Year's Eve. Watch fireworks and celebrate the evening in the open air with about a million or so of your closest friends. New Year's Eve in Berlin, or Silvester, is one of Europe's biggest bashes with lights, dancing and entertainment with a crowning show of breathtaking fireworks.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil

   Dress in your whites and celebrate New Year's Eve on the famous Copacabana Beach. One of the best fireworks displays in the world is held here. Not many places can fireworks be enjoyed on the beach which makes it that much more spectacular.
If you haven't decided yet where to go this New Year's Eve, check out one of the places above and make it one to remember.


   Tick-tock...tick-tock...guests will surely count down the minutes until they can dig into this creamy strawberry cheesecake, then ask for seconds.

Countdown Cheesecake Recipe

  • 8-10 Servings

  • Prep: 20 min. + chilling Bake: 10 min. + cooling

  • 20 10 30


    • 1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs (about 24 squares)
    • 3 tablespoons sugar
    • 1/3 cup butter, melted

    • FILLING:
    • 2 cartons (8 ounces each) spreadable strawberry cream cheese
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1 carton (8 ounces) frozen whipped topping, thawed
    • 1-1/2 cups sliced fresh strawberries
    • Red decorating gel
    • 1 fresh strawberry, halved


    • In a bowl, combine the cracker crumbs, sugar and butter. Press onto the bottom and 1 in up the sides of a greased 9-in. springform pan. Bake at 325° for 10 minutes; cool.
    • In a bowl, beat the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Fold in the whipped topping. Gently spread a third of the filling over crust. Arrange strawberries on top. Spoon remaining filling over berries; smooth top. Refrigerate overnight.
    • With decorating gel, pipe numerals and the minute and hour hands for a clock dial on the cheesecake. Place strawberry halves at the tips of the clock hands.
    • Yield: 8-10 servings.


       This is part II from www.bonappetit.com.  Enjoy the 2nd part!

    14. Amaranth

       If you like quinoa, you'll love amaranth. The itsy-bitsy, nutty-flavored grain is a complete source of protein, plus it's packed with calcium and iron. For a simple side, simmer 1 part amaranth in 3 parts water with a dash of salt, then dress with fresh herbs, lemon juice, and olive oil.
    Available at natural foods stores and bobsredmill.com.

    15. Questlove's Funky Chicken

       The celebrity-driven restaurant concept just took a turn. Questlove—drummer for the Roots and musical director of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon—has turned his obsession with fried chicken into a start-up. The Philly-based musician is serving Love's Drumsticks at food festivals and private parties, and there's talk of a food truck. It's just the thing you'll want to capture with your camera phone.

    16. Scotch Eggs

       Raise the bar snack. We've fallen hard for Scotch eggs—the gastropub staple—cooked eggs swaddled in sausage meat, then breaded and fried. Sorry, doc, now we're making them at home. Get the recipe here.

    17. Secreto

       Every year, another piece of meat emerges as the must-eat protein. Chef Seamus Mullen at Tertulia in New York fills us in on the latest: "It's called secreto, and it's a relatively new butcher's cut of pork popular in Spain." The thin steak, from the belly of the pig, resembles a beef skirt steak. "This is not the other white meat," he stresses. "This is crimson red, juicy, and best with sea salt, pepper, and olive oil and grilled over high heat. I've been preaching about secreto for years. I hope it doesn't get too popular!" Sorry, Seamus—the secreto's out.

    18. Canelés: The New Cupcake

       The cupcake can't reign forever as the Overlord of Cute Handheld Desserts. (We hope.) Enter the canelé. These classic little French cakes are baked until the fluted crust is caramelized and crisp, giving way to a custardy inside. Think of them as the crème brûlée of pastries—and treat yourself to one, soon.

    19. A Cook's 911

    Got a kitchen conundrum and can't get Mom on the line? Time to beam up a stand-in. The free Food52 Hotline iPhone app lets exuberant epicures ask recipe questions, with answers submitted in real time by passionate cooks and experts, too. You can download it here.

    20. Yuzu Kosho

       We'll happily make room on our condiment shelf for yuzu kosho, a blend of citrus zest, garlic, chile, and salt. It adds aromatic acidity (and some heat) to rice dishes, noodle soups, fish, and chicken. We substitute lemon, lime, and grapefruit zest for the hard-to-find yuzu, a Japanese citrus. Get the recipe here.

    21. Where to Eat

       I keep a running list of soon-to-open restaurants I must check out in a composition book (yes, like the black-and-white ones from grade school). I've filled over 30 of them in ten years. Here's a list of where I'll be eating in 2012.

    22. Finger Limes

       Think of finger limes as the caviar of the fruit world. From Australia but now grown in California, their tiny capsules burst with puckery lemon-lime juice. Chefs are adding the edible orbs to cocktails, sauces, and desserts for a natural El Bulli effect. We love them on raw oysters.
    $20 for 25–35; shanleyfarms.com

    23. The Layover

       Anthony Bourdain's new Travel Channel show, The Layover, is a fast-paced tour of his favorite haunts around the globe. Watch out for our Q&A with him on our blog, The Feed.

    24. Cookies for Breakfast

       Breakfast: The most annoying meal of the day. At my house at least. My kids don't like eggs. They won't go near oatmeal. If I tried quinoa cereal with warm milk and fruit, it wouldn't be pretty. So when I started seeing breakfast cookies popping up at all my favorite coffee shops, I knew exactly what I had to do: develop a recipe. My Almond-Cranberry Quinoa Cookies work with dried cherries, too, if you don't have cranberries. Get the recipe here.

    25. Eat with Your Hands by Zakary Pelaccio

       Get your preorder trigger finger ready. Zakary Pelaccio, of NYC's Fatty Crab, brings his riotously flavorful dishes home in April with Eat with Your Hands. Grab it for stream-lined versions of his trend-setting Malaysian comfort food.
    $26, amazon.com

    Read More http://www.bonappetit.com/magazine/slideshows/2011/12/food-trends-2012#ixzz1hnreHizM

    Read More http://www.bonappetit.com/magazine/slideshows/2011/12/food-trends-2012#ixzz1hnrPQ100