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Looking at a fully decorated Christmas tree, one of the most outstanding things you notice are the ornaments.  Their color and the way they reflect the lights.  They add so much to the tree's beauty.  They come in so many different shapes, colors, designs and styles.
   When the tradition of Christmas trees first came on to its own, it was decorated with candles, fruits, nuts and candy.
   It was not until the 1800's that glass ornaments came along.  It started in Germany in the town of Lauscha.  The men did the glass blowing, the women did the silvering and the children painted them.  It did not take long for the new tradition of decorating the tree with the new ornaments replacing the fruit, nuts and candy.  Spreading throughout Gemany, and then quickly throughout Europe.

   After the 1850's, the Europeans brought this new tradition to the United States.  Here the ornaments became larger in size and variety.  However, the tradition did not take off right away.  I…


How many Christmas commercials do you see where the fruitcake gets passed as a recycled gift from family to family?  No one really likes it!  Finally it's given to the mailman, who gives it back to its original owners.  Have you ever wondered if there is anyone out there that truly enjoys fruitcakes!  But then again not all fruitcakes are created equal.  So here's a little history about the origins and how it became associated with the Christmas holiday.  The story of the recluse, a favorite dessert of some insane person, the CHRISTMAS FRUITCAKE!!
   It turns out that the earliest mention of fruitcake goes back to ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire (from a Star Wars episode of "The Empire Strikes Back").  Later it was the English, who actually started the Christmas tradition.  It was known back then as plum porridge, and it was eaten on Christmas Eve, as a transitional food after a day of fasting.  Later, dried fruits, honey and various spices were added to the o…


The Christmas gift shopping season is now in full swing.  The gifts are wrapped in pretty paper and placed under the Christmas tree.  It all looks so beautiful.  The tree looks complete and perfect.
   Then comes Christmas morning and it's time to pass the gifts around.  Hopefully, everyone will be happy with what they have gotten from Santa. With all of the time, effort and thought that goes into each and every gift.

   It's now over, the paper and the boxes that the gifts came in are in the garbage (hopefully some of it made it into the recycling bin).  The living room has been cleaned up and under the Christmas tree, it looks empty and a bit naked of its gifts.  The gift giving is over.  How did it all get started??
   Tradition dictates that it started back when the three wise men came from the east, bearing gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh to honor the baby Jesus, the King of Kings.  Traveling many miles and dealing with King Herrod.
   The tradition of giving gift…