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Here is a Service Announcement: in the face of an imminent Zombie Apocalypse, we strongly advise you to read the infographic below. This is not a test…. (Cue radio static, sinister organ music, and occasional shrieks.)
   Worldwide Medical Insurance has put together this entertaining infographic for any zombie fans out there (or any with Kinemortophobia, fear of the undead), just in time for Halloween. You can never be too prepared, after all. First and foremost, know your enemy, whether the hemorrhaging zombie mob is made up of undead cheerleaders, jocks, clowns or nurses. Second, know your body and the very unfortunate results of a zombie bite. Lastly, know your resources and put together the kit every doomed horror-move heroine wishes she had.


This recipe was found at .   A little something to start off the fall season.

Baked Pumpkin Donuts I can’t help it. There are days when I’m just drawn to it. Those four big letters glistening in the yellow glow and sparkle of retail extravaganza. I don’t care if I have to wade through the text messaging hoards of 12 year olds just to find it. I see it there, hidden in the back corner of the store covered with red tags and crossed out retail pricing. Oh, glorious SALE.
While partaking in some retail therapy, I couldn’t resist exploring a kitchen store for yet another gadget to purchase. I thumbed through shelves of “miracle devices” guaranteed to perfectly cook anything in the microwave. I even glanced through the mountains of magic spices Paula Deen decided to slap her face on this week. Finally, I came across a set of mini donut pans for a cool 5 bucks in the clearance section. A crisp Lincoln was tossed at the cashier as I headed home to create these f…


The 2012 running of the annual Glenbeigh Horse and Pony Races will take place on Rossbeigh Strand on Saturday 1st September and Sunday 2nd September. The committee is pleased to anounce that the Glenbeigh Festival & Races President for 2012 is Mary McGillicuddy. The races will be the centrepiece of a weekend festival with plenty to entertain the whole family. The local pubs of the area are also playing their part, with fantastic nightly entertainment in “The Towers Hotel”, “Ashes Bar”, “The Red Fox Inn, “Sweeney's Village Pub” "The Ross Inn" and "The Olde Glenbeigh Hotel". The Opening ceremony will be held on the Friday night at the Red Fox Inn with the inauguration of the Festival Queen and the hand over of the Presidential Chain of Office by our 2011 President Connie 'Ned' O'Sullivan. This years main live act has just been announced... the legendary 'Royal Flush' with support band 'Terminal 2'. 

   The …