Sunday, September 19, 2010


Number 5, Catacombs, Paris, France
When Paris as a city was starting to grow, they needed more room for the settlers
to live in, which meant that they needed to remove the Parisians who would not resist to move, in this case the dead.  They removed all dead corpses, millions to be exact and took them and placed them along the dark passageways underneath the city where they lie till this day and have been given the name The Empire of the Dead.  The Paris Catacombs attract over a million visitors a year who walk along the skeletons and remains that are left.  Many of the visitors and guides who have visited the place have encountered many ghostly inhabitants that still roam and follow the visitors as they walk along the Catacombs.  There have been many visitors who can't handle the tour and become very overwhelmed that the tour is cut short.  It is also said that if you were to take pictures within the Catacombs they will reveal orbs and ghostly apparitions.  There have also been ghost hunters who decided to do EVP recordings and their findings have definitely proven that the Catacombs of Paris, France is one of the scariest, most haunted places in the world.

Number 4. Coliseum, Rome, Italy

The Coliseum was where gladiators would fight to the finish for the
entertainment of Ceasar, prisoners and war victims met their death at the jaws of tigers and lions at the Coliseum,, and where the animals were killed when all was said and done, some driven to extinction due to Romes thirst for blood and gore.  And in the vaults below the Coliseum is where the gladiators awaited to fight, prisoners waited for their time to die in the most ghastly of ways, and where the Romans placed bets on the days competitions.  Which is why it comes to no surprise when visitors and tour guides of today have reported many paranormal experiences.  There have been cold spots, some have said they felt someone touch or push them, and heard someone whispering in their ears.  The night workers of the Coliseum have reported sword clashing, sound of crying, and noises of animals such as the roars of lions.  Some have even seen ghostly figures sitting in the seats of the Coliseum.

Number 3. Underground Vaults, Edinburgh, Scotland

Below the streets of Edinburgh remains a dark history which was just discovered
in the mid 1980's.  A history that goes back 200 years.  The vaults of Edinburgh were used as cellars, workshops and even businesses.  But they soon had to abandon the place due to excessive water and moisture, that till this day they remain as it did 200 years ago.  Of course like many places that go abandoned the poor and homeless made a home of it.  And then came the outbreaks of plagues and other incurable illnesses to which many faced their death in those very same vaults.  There is also evidence that many were killed there since the infamous pair Burke and Hare found some of their victims in the Edinburgh vaults selling the cadavers to hospitals.  These vaults have proved to be one of the most haunted place for many who have been down there have experienced things which they can't explain and say they will never go back there on their own free will.

Number 2. Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Poland
The Auschwitz death camps are known to have been in operation from
1940-1945, in which point and time over 2.1-2.5 million people were killed in gas chambers and that itself is just an estimate, no one really knows how many more were really killed.  By 1943 Hitler used Auschwitz as a mass murder factory where 4420 could fit in the gas chamber at a time and roughly took 20 minutes to kill all of them.  After the murder the bodies were stripped of all valuables and taken to be cremated, which was operated by Jews who were forced to do so.  For all who has visited the camp in present times has experienced an overwhelmed by sadness.  Visitors have broken down in tears for no apparent reason and many can't finish the tour.  It has been said that no birds sing in any of the nearby trees and the silence is beyond deafening.  There have been reported cold spots, and in the photographs taken of the camp, have shown apparitions, shadows, light anomalies and orbs.

Number 1. Greyfriar's Cemetery/Covenanter's Prison, Edinburgh, Scotland
Greyfriar's Cemetery has been known to be haunted for generations but not
until the late 90's did this place get labeled as one of the most haunted places in the world.  The history of the place is quite gruesome itself, from the headstone removals, body snatching's and burying people alive, to witch burnings and its use as a mass prison.  It is said that visitors have witnessed and encountered cold spots, loud noises, coming from the tombs, and some visitors have been physically injured.  Victims have stated they were attacked by unseen entities leaving scratch marks, bruises and cuts on their bodies.  People have said to become unconscious by the nauseating smell of vomit.  As for the people who live near by the cemetery their homes have been known to become invaded by poltergeist's.


   You have seen it on television, a group of men and women sneaking around dark and mysterious buildings with high tech gadgets seeking out the things that go bump in the night.  The popularity of shows like Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, and Paranormal State have sparked new interest in haunted places.
   Not only is ghost-hunting fun, but also your results could be worth a million dollars.  The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a one million dollar prize to any one who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.  If you are planning a midnight trip to the abandoned cemetery, you have better be prepared.  For under a hundred dollars you can get the same equipment used by the professional ghost hunters.  This reasonably priced equipment can be found at local stores and low-cost online retailers and should include a digital camera, an Ir Thermometer, EVP Device, and an EMF Detector.

  • Digital Camera-Probably the most important item your kit should contain is a digital camera, to bring back proof of any ghostly encounter you may scare up.
  • IR Thermometer-When the temperature drops, you are not alone.  Paranormal Investigators believe the supernatural entity pulls energy from the atmosphere directly before making it's presence known.  With the IR thermometer, aim this non-contact infrared thermometer and press the button.  Temperature reading appears within 1/2 a second on an LCD screen.  You will also need the special battery to power the unit.
  • 12v Alkaline Pager/Remote Battery and Digital Voice Recorder-Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVPs, are ghostly voices not heard by the human ear.  A digital audio recorder taps into the psychic energy spirits use to reach out to the living.  In Automatic Voice-Activated Record (AVR) mode, the recorder will sense sound and start recording automatically. 
  • ELF Zone Gauss Meter-Electromagnetic Field Detectors, or EMFs, sense changes in the magnetic field that surrounds us.  Although most electronic devices emit electromagnetic energy, the ELF Zone Gauss Meter will indicate the presence of unseen spectral energies.  Monitoring the meter's 3 lights, when yellow light shines you have entered a zone between life and death.  The unexplainable supernatural field, normally between 2.0 and 7.0 milligauss, is an indicator that your ghost hunter team should spring into action.
  • Personal Headlight-These lightweight headlamps free up your hands for the operation of the ghost detecting equipment.  As you should never ghost hunt alone, you should probably get a couple.
  • The Ghost Hunter Code of Conduct-While you delve into the spectral world in search of the proof needed to claim the million dollar bounty, please stick to the ghost hunter's code of conduct.  Pre-investigate the site in the daylight so you are familiar with dangerous obstacles or structural hazards that will not be visible in the dark.  Do not trespass.  Receive permission to enter private property to avoid being arrested or worse.  If you are asked by the owner to leave, do so immediately by the police you can prove who you are.  Never ghost hunt alone.  Should you become trapped or injured, your team will be there to help.  Also, ensure that someone from outside of the team knows where you will and when you are expected back in case of an emergency.  Do your research-use your local library, historical society, the internet and newspapers to learn about any information which could steer you in the right direction.  Also, your county's Tax Office is an excellent source for historical information.  Most importantly: Be the skeptic, look for natural explanations for any phenomenon.  As investigators, your reputation will be made by how you review the evidence and the results you conclude.