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The U.S. National Tobaggan Championships is the only organized wooden toboggan race in the country and possibly the world. The toboggan chute is located in Camden, Main at the Camden Snow Bowl, a community owned year round recreation area which has developed thousand of deicated skiers since 1936. All race revenue goes to off setting the Snow Bowl budget.


    The original chute was first built in 1936 by a dedicated group of volunteers who also built a ski lodge and ski hill, one of the earliest in America. The chute was again rebuilt in 1954 by local Coast Guardsmen and lasted until 1964 when it was brought to an end because of rot and neglect.
    In 1990 it was resurrected once again out of pressure treated wood by another enthusiastic group of volunteers and material donors and was to become known as the Jack Williams Toboggan Chute. The week before the race, many hours are spent during the dark of night, when it is the coldest, to coat the wooden chute with layer upon…


This diy comes from .  Something to do with those extra ornament left over from Christmas.  Enjoy!

How to make a Valentine Ornament Wreath Did you go out and buy a bunch of ornaments at 50% off after Christmas? I hope so because there is no need to wait until next Christmas to have some ornament loveliness in your home!

~ My Valentine Ornament Wreath ~

Here is what you need:
a glass of wine (if you are anal and will worry about bulb placement) a plastifoam wreath (DON'T buy floral foam) shaped like a heart glue sticks and a glue gun spray paint (to color the foam wreath). I used red. Use whatever color you like best. about a million ornaments (different {Valentine} colors and sizes work best). spray on glitter (usually $5.99 at craft stores or $1.00 if you buy body glitter left over from Halloween a small piece of ribbon to hang your wreath
Spray paint your foam wreath. You can use whatever color you like but keep in mind some paint will show between …


This recipe comes from .  When I came across these, I could not pass them up!  All that's needed with these is an ice cold glass of milk and possibly some vanilla bean ice cream

Alright, confession time. My first impression of these cookies was not a super positive one. I mean, don’t get me wrong…I love a good chocolate chip cookie. And Oreos easily top the list among my favorite “store bought” cookies. The idea of combining them just threw me. When I first saw this Oreo creation on Picky Palate I thought they looked a little gross (sorry Jenny). Just a bit too sweet for my taste, which sounds so very wrong by the way. I was a little curious though. Then I saw them again on Sing for your Supper. Boy, these were really getting around. I just couldn’t be left out. I caved to the peer pressure, and let me tell you that I am so glad I did. Oh boy…this one’s a doozy, but in a decidedly good way.
I am really not even sure how to describe these. They are very sweet, b…