Saturday, August 7, 2010


Here's Yor Candy, Now Leave Me Alone!

Nestlies Crunch bars and Hershey kisses,
I'll hand each child with my best wishes.

Want some Lollipops or Tootsie Rolls?
Filling up you bag is one of my goals.

Kit-Kats, Licorice Whips, Dots and more,
I'll give you money, whatever it takes.

If you want junk food I'll deliver,
You're the taker and I'm the giver.

Hedre's some Candy Corn and Popcorn Balls,
Please don't throw eggs at my walls.

Don't TP my beautiful trees,
I'm begging you, Pretty please.

This candy costs lots of money don't you know,
So here's your loot, now put it in your bag and go!

This Halloween Day is coming to a close,
It's not my most favorite holiday as everyone now knows!

The streets are empty and the kids have gone home,
It's just me and the leftover candy all alone.

I'll eat each and every piece that's in the big dish,
Then offer you all just one more wish-
Happy Halloween!

Candy-less Lament

I got a purple toothbrush from the lady down the street
And several doors down from her, got stickers for a treat.
Someone gave my goodie bag a pencil with a ghost
But chocolate bars and candy treats are those I love the most.
I got a plastic spider ring from a house some blocks away.
My bag is really heavy, but there's something I must say.
Erasers, rubber bats and rings are really fun and dandy.
But after all these houses see, please tell me where's the candy?

An Empty Treat Bag

After mom checked all my loot, she looked at me and sighed.
"Just one piece tonight, my dear.  Your teeth will thank you."
I took the teats into my room and sorted them inside.
First I arranged them all by size and then when I was through,
I said, "Hey wait, there's a piece that is too small.  That just won't do!"

And so I ate it quickly.  After all, it did not fit.
The candy was too small to sort.  It didn't hurt a bit.

I thought to myself, it is time to sort by types today.
I had 31 bubblegums, and that kind of sparked lament.
The next month only has 30 days, if I had one a day
There would be one left over.  It needed to be spent.

And so I chewed it quickly.  After all, it did not fit.
The gum lost flavor quickly, but it didn't hurt a bit.

One candy bar was a different type, a lollipop stick bent.
No matter what the candy>  I found reasons to reduce.
Once or twice.  I tried to stop but that is how it went.
Even when I resolved to stop, my craving would refuse.

And so I ate it quickly, finding reasons not to fit.
I ate the candy so fast my stomach took a hit.

My mother made me something to make the ache disperse.
Now that I'm out of candy, tomorrow I'll feel worse.

A Good Night For A Halloween Poem

Fangs, facepaint, princess wands and swords.
Scary and cute carved pumpkins and gourds.
Eerily decorated houses up and down the street.
Little ones cheering at ear door, "trick or treat."
Undoubtedly it must be that creepy time of year.
When haunted houses instill in us heart racing fear.
When horror flick marathons have us checking under beds.
And from overflowing candy bowls, ghost and goblins are fed.
Throughout the neighborhood you hear giggles and screaming.
Black cats with arched backs and their eyes gleeming.
Tombstones, skeletons and foggy smoke all about.
For young  and old alike, its an exciting fun night out.
Children tugging on parents as they race from door to door.
And teenagers dressed in unusual garb and bloody gore.
Partents showing off costumes on their toddler or baby.
Entering contests and hoping to win....maybe, just maybe.
Even the household pet isn't safe from dress up madness.
And at the end of the night, not a heart filled with sadness.
But rather happily eating their goods back at their home.
And with that, I'm inspired to writed this Halloween poem.