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   This was found at www.countryliving.com .  I really like this idea.  Even having the eyes glowing or blinking on and off.

Paranormal Portraits

You'll never look at loved ones the same way after transforming their images into a ghostly display.

STEP 1: Make a black-and-white copy of a portrait on printer paper and cut out.

STEP 2: To "age" the picture, lightly brush it with a sponge dipped in a solution of a few drops of black craft paint mixed with water. Let the paper dry.

STEP 3: Cut a piece of card stock the same size as the photo, glue to the photo's back, and let dry. With an X-Acto knife, cut out the eyes of the picture's subject(s), piercing through the card stock and creating holes about 1/4 inch in diameter.

STEP 4: Open the frame's back, remove the glass, then fit the photo inside.

STEP 5: Insert red mini LED Christmas lights (try Superior Holiday Lighting's flattop version, $11.26 for a 25-foot string; 1000bulbs.com) through the back of the eyeholes. Plug in the lights, then replace the frame's backing — securing it with tape if necessary — and drape with fake cobwebs.

Steal this idea! Add a little extra bite to your photos with fangs: Cut small triangles from white paper and glue or tape them to the subject's mouth.


    The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual event which since 1964 has taken place on the streets of Notting HillRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea , LondonUK each August, over two days (the August bank holiday Monday and the day beforehand). It is led by members of the West Indian community, particularly the Trinidadian and Tobagonian British population or 'Trinis', many of whom have lived in the area since the 1950s. The carnival has attracted up to 2 million people in the past, making it the second largest street festival in the world after the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival held in that country.


    The roots of the Notting Hill Carnival come from two separate but connected strands. The Carnival began in January 1959 in St Pancras Town Hall as a response to the depressing state of race relations at the time; the UK's first widespread racial attacks (the Notting Hill race riots) had occurred the previous year. This carnival organised by Claudia Jones (a "Trini") who is widely recognised as 'the Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival', was a huge success, despite being held indoors. The other important strand was the "hippie" London Free School inspired festival that became the first organised outside event in August 1966. The prime mover was Rhaune

   Laslett, who was not aware of the indoor events when she first raised the idea. This was a more diverse Notting Hill event to promote cultural unity. A street party for neighbourhood children turned into a carnival procession when Russell Henderson's steel band (who had played at the earlier Claudia Jones events) went on a walkabout.

   The carnival's traditional starting point has been Emslie Horniman's Pleasance in nearby Ladbroke Grove.
    By 1976, the event had become definitely Caribbean in flavour, with around 150,000 people attending. However, in that year and several subsequent years, the carnival

was marred by riots, in which predominantly Caribbean youths fought with police — a target due to the continuous harassment the population felt they were under. During this period, there was considerable coverage of the disorder in the press, which some felt took an unfairly negative and one-sided view of the carnival. For a while it looked as if the event would be banned. Prince Charles was one of the few establishment figures who supported the event.

    In recent years, the event has been much freer from serious trouble and is generally viewed very positively by the authorities as a dynamic celebration of London's multi-cultural diversity, though dominated by the Caribbean culture in the best traditions of Rio. However, there has been controversy over the public safety aspects of holding such a well-attended event in narrow streets in a small area of London.
    Concerns about the size of the event resulted in London's former Mayor, Ken Livingstone, setting up a Carnival Review Group to look into "formulating

guidelines to safeguard the future of the Carnival". An interim report by the review resulted in a change to the route in 2002. When the full report was published in 2004, it recommended that Hyde Park be used as a "savannah"; though this move has attracted some concern that the Hyde Park event may overshadow the original street carnival.

    In 2003, the Notting Hill Carnival was run by a limited company, the Notting Hill Carnival Trust Ltd. A report by the London Development Agency on the 2002 Carnival estimated that the event contributes around £93 million to the London and UK economy.
    In 2005, entrants from the Notting Hill Carnival participated in the BridgwaterSomerset, carnival - Europe's largest lighted carnival and part of the West Country Carnival circuit.
Attendance Figures

2010 - 1,000,000

2009 - 720,000


2008 - 850,000

2007 - 850,000 (250,000 Sunday | 600,000 Monday)

2006- 1,000,000 (500,000 Sunday | 500,000 Monday) organizers / 800,000 (300,000 Sun | 500,000 Mon) authorities

2005 - 750,000

2004 - 750,000

2003 - 600,000

2002 - 1,400,000

2001 - 1,250,000

2000 - 1,500,000

1999 - 1,400,000

1998 - 1,150,000

1997 - 1,300,000

1996 - 1,000,000

Public Order
    Since the carnival did not have local authority permission, initial police involvement was aimed at preventing it taking place at all, which resulted in regular confrontation and riots. A change of policy came after a confrontation in 1987, which saw a change to allowing the Carnival to take place with police taking a more conciliatory approach. During the 2000 Carnival, two men were murdered and future policing, whilst conciliatory, has led to police deployment in large numbers - upwards of 11,000. Some of the crime associated has been displaced to the periphery. In 2007, two teenagers were shot just outside the Carnival area. The Review in 2000 by participants (but not local residents) resisted calls from the Mayor of London to resite the event in Hyde Park but led to the parades taking a circular rather than linear route.

    The 2008 Carnival was marred by rioting right at the very end of the weekend, involving large numbers of youths and injuries to police. Some media outlets captured footage of the violence - approximately 500 youths were arrested. The carnival has come under criticism for its cost to the London taxpayer as the cost for policing the event totalled over £6,000,000, however, it is argued that this should be put into context as the carnival is estimated to bring in approximately £93,000,000 into the local economy.
   Five murders have taken place since 1987:
30 August 1987 - Michael Augustine Galvin, 23, stallholder - stabbed.
26 August 1991 - Dr. Nicholas John Hanscomb, 38, bled to death after being stabbed in the thigh.

28 August 2000 - Greg Fitzgerald Watson, 21, stabbed to death after an argument over food.
28 August 2000 - Abdul Munam Bhatti, 28, beaten to death in a racially motivated attack by a group of 40-50 youths.
30 August 2004 - Lee Christopher Surbaran, 27, shot by a gang using a machine pistol for "showing disrespect".


   This diy/recipe comes from www.instructables.com.   They can even be served or given to someone in a bleeding heart box.  Chocolate!   Chocolate!   Chocolate!

Okay, I fell in love with Zombies at the time the movie Fido came out.  I'm also a researcher for the ZRS and my husband is the one who got me into these monsters.  Those are the reasons behind these Zombie Truffles!  There was a part in Fido, where Mr. Theopolis (the neighbor) comes over and says "Zombie Troubles?" and that's where my chocolate brains got their name!  I put different things in my candy, and you can always change it up to best fit your taste buds!

** This is to celebrate May, which is Zombie Awareness Month!  :)

** Most important part to remember, if you use this to gift, or to display, you want to think about your presentation.  You want the end product to fit the mood that you're going for.  :)  The rest should be easy!

** Here is a message from the CDC on the Zombie preparedness topic, and my chocolate video below.  :)

------------------------------ My favorite scene from Fido !! ---------------------------


Step 1Stuff You Need!


*White chocolate melts (wilton)
*Black food coloring
*Some stuff for blood
*Brain mold (candy or ice)
*Stuff to put in your candy
*Ziploc bags
*A way to present end product
*Coffee cup to melt chocolate in microwave
*Spoons, etc.

Step 2Prep!


If you want to put things into the candy, make sure to have them ready, in small enough sizes to fit into the mold when it's ready.  Have your chocolate ready to melt, arrange everything nicely so that you aren't scrambling at the last minute and think about what you want to do.  :)  Be ready because you need to have all decisions made before you melt the chocolate.

Step 3How to make bloods!

Okay, I did two kinds of blood at once.  Basically, I wanted something thick and disgusting.  I took from my cake supplies and mixed a crazy, nasty bloody mess out of the things you see in the photo.  You can always choose to make yours differently or use other ingredients.  He tasted the bloody brains and said they were good.  That makes it a success for me.  :)

You can go one of two ways...taste and "feel" or...accuracy.  I've seen red syrup and we all know that it represents blood but doesn't look like it.  These things that I used, they really added up to the look.  Maybe not the sprinkles...but I had to throw something pretty in there. haha.  And the bonus is that it passed the taste-test.

After I mixed the bloody concoction, I scooped it with a spoon into a baggie for piping into the brains when the chocolate was melted.  The container was still full of blood residue so I added some Mirin or rice wine and it held the consistency for the drippy blood that I wanted to drizzle with.  PERFECT!  You can use some other alcohol if you want.  You won't really be tasting it much, anyways.  It's just to decorate with.  :)  Then I poured my drippy blood into a ziploc to use it as the last step.  (Drizzle each brain lightly.)

Step 4Melt Chocolate & Add Color!


Okay, I may be one of the only people who use the microwave.  But it's easy.  I put the chocolate melts into the coffee cup, about 3/4 full.  Put it in the microwave and wait 20-30 seconds, pull it out and stir them.  They won't be melted, but you want to keep them moving.  Put it in again for another 15 seconds or so, pull them out... they should start to lose their shape.  You will see the edges melting away into blobs.  At this point, you want to mix really well.  Toss them around in the cup, get them moving.  If your chocolate starts to melt even more and you can't see the shapes anymore, don't put it back in the microwave.

But if they aren't melting, put them back in.  Another 10-15 seconds and pull them out, mix again, help them melt by moving them around and constantly mixing.  This will make your chocolate super smooth, not burnt and ready to color!

Get TINY TINY TINY drops of the black coloring and put them in one at a time, mix into the chocolate really well.  Keep adding TINY bits of color until you get the result you want.  It's important not to make charcoal brains!  :)

Step 5Pouring Grey Matter!


Okay, I just used a spoon.  Once it was to the color I desired, I got a spoon full of chocolate, dropped a small dollop into the brain cavity and poked it down with the tip of the spoon.  You want to put less chocolate if you want to put things inside of your candy.  Just remember to make room, so that you can seal the top of it.  ( Put 1/4 full of chocolate, then filling, then top it off with another small dollop.  Use your spoon to smooth out the peak and you're done!

Fillings I used:  blood mixture, heath toffee crunchy candy stuff, marshmallows, sugared jelly candy.

Step 6Fridge!



Put your chocolates, carefully, onto a flat surface into your fridge and be patient.  If you take them out too early, the tops will have set, but the bottom of the mold won't be set.  One way is to feel the tips of the brains to see if they are cold from the outside of the mold.

After 10-20 minutes, they should be done.  Mine just popped out really easily and I didn't use any spray in the mold or anything.  Rinse and clean out any leftover brain chunks in the mold, that way your next set gets the same impressions.

*TIP* You can change the color of your chocolate each time you mold a new set, and put different fillings in them so that you know what color has what item inside.  Also, a coffee cup of chocolate pretty much takes up the whole mold, so it's easy to cycle them through, clean stuff up, let them chill and begin again.


Step 7Brain Sculpt!

Everyone makes mistakes!  I over pour, you over-pour...that's life.  :)  So what you do, is take a knife that is too sharp to be using this close to your fingertips and try not to cut yourself open like I did.  4 times.  :)

Basically, you scrape the edges and the chocolate will shave off.  You can do this to the flat bottoms of the brains too, if they aren't level and you want them to be.  When you clean up your edges, you just need to run your fingertip around the edge and it will round and smooth it out with your natural body heat.  It's cool.  :)

Step 8Presentation!

Ways to present ---

Gift, for a friend, loved one, surprise, in a lunch, at a party, etc.

Think about whether you just want to throw it in something, or if you want to make it elaborate, or if you need a platter, maybe you want a gift box...you can do this any way you want.  If it were for a party, I would probably make it up on a silver platter with TINY round shreds of lettuce with a brain on top of each piece and blood drizzled atop each of them.

For a lunch, just throw them into a ziploc with some drizzled blood and zip it up.

My idea was to put them into a Valentines Candy box.  I used cut up napkins to put under each brain, carefully.  If you use tissue, napkins, soft materials like this, make sure that you do it close to the presentation time because the napkins will absorb the blood and look sloppy.  Another great idea is fabric.  White fabric, cut into tiny pieces.  That would be really cool.  :)  Strong, and visually creepy.

Most importantly, enjoy!  Grey chocolate will look the most accurate, but if you don't like white chocolate, do them in milk chocolate, or dark, or whatever you'd like.  I made these for the accuracy and gave them to my husband.  I don't like white chocolate and these brains look gross, so it just adds to the effect for me. LOL.