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I know it may be a little early but I also love Christmas.  I have been writing alot of articles about Halloween time.  So here are some phobias that people may have during Christmas time.  Many people dread the Christmas season for many reasons.  Although the season is stressful, most people don't have actual phobias connected with the holidays.  But Christmas is stressful to many.  And it seems to aggravate a lot of phobias.
Ochlophobia or Agoraphobia-(Fear of crowds) It also includes fear of lines, traffic jams and even social events.  Many people suffer from just the fear of not pleasing others during this season and end up overwhelming themselves with too much responsibility.Katagelophobia-(Fear of ridicule or embarrassment) this might include not giving the right gift, being around family and their comments, Christmas party pranks, etc.Mythophobia-(Fear of making a false statement) slipping and telling a secret you shouldn't, or what someone got someone, etc.Pogonophob…


Japan-the Japanese celebrate the "Obon Festival" (also known as "Matsuri" or "Urabon") which is similar to our Halloween in that it is dedicated to the spriits of ancestors.  Special foods are made and bright red lanterns are hung.  The lanterns are lit and then set afloat on the different waterways.  During the "Obon Festival", a fires is lit every night in order to show the ancestors where their families might be found.  "Obon" is one of the main occasions during the Japanese year when the dead are believed to return to their birthplaces.  Memorial stones are cleaned and dances performed.  The festival takes place during July or August.Korea-their festival is know as "Cusok."  It's at this time that families thank their ancestor for the fruits of their labor.  Families pay respect to these ancestors by visiting their tombs and making offerings of rice and fruits.  It takes place in August.Mexico, Latin America and Spain…