Wednesday, May 11, 2016


    There are many locations throughout the world that are considered to be one of the scariest places on Earth. However, there is one road that is approximately 200 miles in length that has many individuals frightened to travel on. This is Highway 666. While the U.S. officially renamed this haunted highway "U.S. Route 491" in 2003, those that have traveled upon it, live near it, and have heard or directly experienced its horrors, continue to refer to it as the ominous 666. There are many different types of unexplained phenomenon that have occurred and continues to occur on this desolate road. Throughout this guide on the scariest places in the U.S., you will learn why it instills fear in so many individuals.

Historical Notes

    Throughout the entire nation of the United States, Highway 666 is considered to be one of the top haunted highways. This particular highway is so large that it is found in 4 individual states-Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Those that know of the terrors of this haunted place also identify it appropriately as the one and only "Devil's Highway". While it is true that there are many urban legends, rumors, and tall tales that are associated with this particular stretch of road, there are also many facts that relate to this road-such as statistics on accidents and even deaths. Those that have experienced complications while traveling on this road claim that the spirits that lurk along it are directly responsible for the issues.

The Evil Spirits

    While there are many stories of ghosts, hauntings, and spirits in general associated with this haunted highway, the stretch of road is best known for the evil spirits that are rumored to lurk on it. The first of the evil spirits that are said to be present on the evil road are what many refer to as the "Hounds of Hell". These are dog like creatures that have a supernatural basis. Many claim that they are able to run as quickly as vehicles are able to drive; they purposely cause traffic accidents, and attack people traveling along the road. In addition to this, there is a story that is often referred to as "Satan's Sedan". It is believed that an evil entity that is spiritual in nature drives a dark, ominous sedan that actually charges vehicles and individuals traveling this haunted highway.
There are many different stories associated with Highway 666. Most individuals associate the evil spirits with this road, but there are other stories surrounding this spectacular and vast haunted highway. Many claim the spirit of a girl wanders the highway while others claim that there is a phantom semi-truck that attacks travelers aggressively. Then, there are stories of skinwalkers as told by Native Americans. Regardless, Highway 666 is considered to be one of the scariest places in the U.S. Do you dare drive this long, ominous road alone? How about at night when you get into some, car trouble? heh! heh! heh! heh! heh!


    There is a point in some people's lives that it becomes obvious that there's something in the world besides the physical, everyday world that we all experience. This is almost always in the form of first-hand experience, and the experiences range from touching, good experiences, to terrifying, almost dangerous ones.
    For those that are plagued, not blessed, by paranormal entities, it's stressful and frightening, and people almost always look for ways to make it stop. Unfortunately, when people look for ways to make the bad things go away, they only hurt themselves most of the time. This is because of scam artists who promise that all problems will cease if a large sum of money is handed over to them, but all that happens is that those people are left with less in their pockets and left to live off of and things that still go booo! and aaarrrr! in the night.
    If people don't go the route of lining the pockets of snake oil salesmen, they often opt for the "feel good and feel out of it" pills and drugs that deaden the world around them, there's still the problem of: "Why are these things still happening"?
    What most people don't realize when dealing with a paranormal entity is that they don't have to pay someone else to take the problem away. There are plenty of things everyone can do in these types of situations without having any metaphysical skill, without being able "to see dead people", and without shelling out alot of your hard earned money to the nearest person who makes promises. They can also help themselves without popping the "feel good" pills and receiving psychiatric counseling from a doctor.
    In fact, there are everyday objects that will often repel or otherwise hamper the effect that negative entities have on the world. Of course, these might not work against entities that are helpful, nor do you want to hamper them, but these are tried and true methods that people have personally found, and used, that have worked.

The Methods

    Vinegar is known to be acidic and smell kind of bad to some people. However, many people don't realize that, like many other things, vinegar is not just good for cooking and preparing food. Because vinegar is acidic,it releases acidic molecules into the air. This affects etheric and astral materials, which is what paranormal entities typically manifest themselves as. The acidic nature of vinegar has a tendency to prevent etheric manifestations, due to the inability for etheric matter to condense when vinegar or other acids are in the air.
A bowl of vinegar in a problem room is a good thing. Even if there are negative entities in the area, their abilities to wreak havoc are seriously hampered.

    Sage has been used in magical and shamanic practice, as well as cooking, for a very long time. When burned, it releases smoke into the air that is believed to clear the vibrations of the area it's burned in. Sage can be bought at some grocery stores, as well as pre-dried in herb shops and occult bookstores. If bought or raised fresh, it needs to be dried before it can be burned.

    There are some people who use incense as a magical tool, and there are others who believe that incense just makes a room smell nice (I am not one of them). However, even those who use it as a magical tool sometimes don't realize that it can work for more than just summoning helpful entities.
Incense, like sage, clears the air. Each type of incense has different properties, and there are incenses that are used for banishing purposes, as well as summoning purposes. Frankincense is one of those that are often used for universal reasons, though banishing is often one of its most used purposes.
Incense can come in cone form, stick form, or even as just a few herbs that you can put together and burn on charcoal. Incense can be found in many stores, and is used worldwide.


    Garlic has a lovely habit of doing more than just tasting good and smelling bad. When garlic is placed strategically around the room, typically at entrance points (windows, doors, etc.), it repels negativity. Yes, garlic does repel vampires (though vampires are rarer than Hollywood would have people believe, as well as much more dangerous and they don't have fangs and wear capes), but it repels other nasty entities as well.
When the garlic becomes "full", it's best to throw the garlic head away and replace it with a new one. Depending on how active it is, it will become full sooner or later, and it's a good idea to have a backup supply, especially if you're dealing with a lot of negativity. Garlic can be found in any grocery store.


    Onions taste good to some, (not me, I hate them!) but horrid to others. However, even if you're one of those people who hate the taste of onions, they can still be quite useful.
It is said that if you place an onion on your kitchen mantle, it absorbs all ill-will and negativity intended for the people who live there. Depending on how much ill-will is directed toward the home's inhabitants, it can last from a very short time to a very long time. However, never eat an onion that has absorbed "bad ju-ju" and negativity. As soon as it begins to rot, throw it away and replace it . Onions can be bought from any grocery store.


    Salt is a material that has been used and coveted by magicians, occultists, and even people who have no inclination to acknowledge the existence of otherworldly forces, for many years. While before it used to be extremely rare and expensive, today it is massively packaged and shipped. This is both good and bad, but we'll only go into the good aspect of it.
    Salt is acknowledged as having crystals and crystal-like qualities. According to some sources, the crystaline qualities of salt make it difficult for negative, non-physical entities to cross a line of it. A line of salt goes a long way in warding a place against any negative or ill-intentioned entities that mean to enter an area, as well as salt water is good for asperging said area to absorb and negate negative energy. However, the only problem with a line of salt is that it's dependent on negative entities being unable to cross it. However, that goes for leaving as well as entering. If there are already paranormal, negative entities wreaking havoc, a line of salt will prevent them from leaving. It's best to resort to the line of salt after they have left, but if they don't leave, use the line of salt and the vinegar. The line of salt will keep any extras out, while the vinegar will hamper their efforts at wreaking that havoc they so love.

Natural Magic

    All of these are in the category of "natural magic". Natural magic is magic that can be done by anyone, skill or no skill, without having any extra knowledge of the way magic works. Natural magic relies on the magical properties of natural materials, rather than the abilities and skill of the magician.  Of course, there is plenty of natural magic that ordinary people use without realizing it. This fall under "folk magic".
Whatever the case, magic or otherwise, these are supposedly tried and true methods for dealing with negative entities and paranormal siege.