Tuesday, July 22, 2014


   Everyone gets the chills when they walk through a cemetery, especially at night but mostly it is all in our heads.  How could walking through hundreds of deceased people that are buried six feet under, get you thinking that there's ghost in that thar graveyard?  Come and take a walk through some of America's most haunted cemeteries and read about the ghosts that choose to hand around them.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

One of the Bachelor's Grove ghosts

   This secluded cemetery located in Chicago is said to be the most haunted graveyard in America.  Bachelor's Grove has had numerous paranormal investigators that have investigated this cemetery and it has been reported that it has had over 160 cases of documented paranormal occurrences, which include everything from floating "orbs" to light and full body apparitions.

Lafayette Cemetery

Collage of graves at Lafayette Cemetery
   Located in New Orleans, La.  Is said to be one of the most haunted.  Hundreds of sightings are reported in this historic cemetery.  Witnesses have experienced a woman dressed in white who flags down taxi cabs and always disappears before the ride is over.  Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau is said to haunt the cemetery and the surrounding area.  Her powers are known to be so strong when she was alive, and now that death has taken her, she holds even greater sway over her devoted, who decorate her grave with symbols, candles and flowers, in the hope she'll bless them.

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

Grave markers at Camp Chase

   Camp Chase is a Confederate cemetery located in Ohio nestled in a Columbus Hilltop neighborhood.  This cemetery marks the place where a POW camp stood over 140 years ago.  It is said here a woman roams the cemetery in search of her soldier, lost in a POW camp during the American Civil War.  On a grave of a confederate soldier, flowers will appear on it for no explainable reason.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever grave sites
   Hollywood Forever Cemetery located in Hollywood, Ca.  was founded in 1899 and was originally named Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery.  The original site occupied 100 area but 40 acres were sold off to Paramount and RKO Studios in 1920.  The Hollywood Memorial Park cemetery is the final resting place for such starts as, Fatty Arbuckle, Valentino, Victor Fleming and Clifton Webb,  whose ghost is said to haunt the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum where it is reported that guests hear voices, whispering, see strange lights, feel cold drafts and smell cologne.

El Campo Santo Cemetery

El Campo early grave sites

El Campo grave

    This cemetery located in San Diego, Ca.  This cemetery is believed to be actively haunted with such sightings as what looks like a Hispanic or a Native American walking through  out the grounds and a woman  in a white Victorian dress will appear and disappear into the south wall of the cemetery.


   Superstitions abound around the Halloween holiday.  And why wouldn't they?  It's that time of the year again, where the dead rise and the spirits abound.  Or at least that's what alot of people believe.  Many people have very strong beliefs involving this holiday and the days around it.

 Every one knows that black cats are supposed to be bad luck, especially if they cross your path.  Years ago it was thought that black cats are supposed to be bad luck, especially if they cross your path.  Years ago it was thought that black cats were actually the devil, or at least filled with evil spirits.
   For unmarried girls, there were many ways to find out about your future husband.  On Halloween night, if you keep a rosemary herb and a silver sixpence under your pillow, supposedly you will dream about your future husband.  For a better glimpse of your future, a girl must carry a broken egg in a glass, take it to a spring of water, and mix some of that water into the egg.  She will then see her future husband and her future children.  Or she can just bring a lamp on Halloween night to a spring of water and see a reflection in it of her future husband.

 Want to frighten the ghosts and spirits away?  All you need to do is ring a bell.  Or you can bury animal bones all over your front yard.  Easier yet, just set a picture of an animal as close as possible to your doorway to keep the evil spirits away.  To get rid of all evil, it was said all you needed to do was to walk around your house three times backward, before the sun sets on Halloween night.
   A "dumb supper" is an old term meaning that nobody talks while having supper.  For those that WANT the spirits around, try this old folklore, as it is said it encourages the undead to come to the table.  Bats are very much associated with Halloween now for these reasons.  If a bat flies into your house on Halloween, there's a good chance a ghost or spirit let it in, and that they are near.  Some people believed that if bats come out early on Halloween night, then the weather is going to be good.  But if a bat flies about your home on Halloween three times, then death is coming.

 Owls are another flying creature sometimes thought to be spooky.  Supposedly they swoop down on Halloween to eat at the souls of the dying.  To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is turn your pocket inside out and leave it hanging.
   Don't turn around if you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night, as it may be the dead following you.  If you do happen to look back, you may join them very quickly.
   Want to see a witch in the sky on Halloween night?  Just throw your clothes on inside out and backwards, and you might.  Common misconceptions of witches is that they are evil and associated with the devil.
   If you catch yourself watching a spider on Halloween, you may just be peering at the spirit of a deceased loved one who is watching over YOU!!


   Japan like any other country is steeped in ghostly lore.  Here are a few of the more common Japanese spirits for you to read about and be amazed by.


 Translated as "haunted lantern", in Japanese folklore a Bakechochin is a lantern inhabited by ghosts.  According to folklore the lantern has a long tongue and wild eyes and is home for the ghosts of people who died with hate in their hearts; for this reason, they are doomed to hauntthe earth for all time.  If someone should light one of the haunted lanterns it is thought that a hateful ghost may leap out of it and attack.


   Buruburu, meaning the sound of shivering, is a terrible ghost from Japanese folklore that for reasons unknown is said to lurk in forests and graveyards in the form of an old person, who is sometimes one eyed.  According to legend it attaches itself to its victim's spine and causes a chill to run down them, or in the worse case causes them to die of fright.


 A Gashadokuro according to Japanese folklore is a giant skeleton many  times taller than a human.  It is thought to be made of the bones of people who have starved to death.  After midnight the ghost roams the streets making a ringing noise that sounds in the ears.  If people do not run away when the Gashadokuro approaches it will bite off their heads with its giant teeth.


 The Ikiryoh is the name used to describe an entity that is thought to be created by the evil thoughts and feelings of a person.  When it is energized by hatred the Ikiryoh becomes so powerful it can leave the person harboring hateful thoughts and enter and possess the person who is the object of the hatred.  Once it is inside the person at can kill the victim slowly by draining away the person's energy.  The Ikiryoh is thought to be extremely difficult to exorcise and there are numerous rites to drive it away, including some Buddhist scriptures.


 A Konakijii is the spirit of a baby who has been left to die in the woods.  The Konakijii lures people out to the woods with the sound of its crying, but when people get close they see that the baby has the face of an old man.  If  they pick the baby up it is impossible to put down and suddenly becomes so heavy that it crushes unsuspecting victims to death.


   The Kubikajiiri is a head-eating ghost, who has a distinctive smell that of fresh blood, and is said to lurk around graveyards at night searching for its head.  If it can't find its own head it will try to eat the heads of anything, living or dead that crosses its path.


   The Mononoke is a ghost that resides in inanimate objects.  It is found in temples, shrines and graveyards and likes to scare or even kill people.  Priests are thought to be able to drive it away be reciting Buddhist sutras.  According to Shinto belief, all things, including inanimate objects, have their own unique spirits (kami), which gives them life.


   According to Japanese folklore on the Island of Kyushu, the Nurikabe is said to be a wall ghost.  It appears as a large, white wall, with pairs of arms and legs, to people out walking late of night.  Now, if a person attempts to pas the ghostly wall, it may fall and crush them or if the person attempt to run around or run away the wall reappears in front of them.  According to the legend the only way to escape is to hit the bottom of the wall with a stick and it will vanish.  The origin of the