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When most people think of bats, they associate them with blood sucking vampires. But, bats are gentle animals and in many cultures considered good luck.
   Although bats are mammals they can fly. There about 1,000 species of bats in the world. Bats eat insects, small fruits, fish, meat and yes, even blood. They eat such a large variety because they need eat lots of food.  Bats often consume halftheir body weight a night. Fruit eating bats can eat up to twice their weight in fruit a night.
   Sanguivory bats are the only type of bats that eat blood. They can be found in the southern United States as well as Mexico and other parts of South America. Bats do not suck blood; they lick blood from an open wound. Human blood is not preferred by bats. They will only lick blood from humans if nothing else is available. Cattle and domestic animals are preferred.

   Bats are crucial to the ecosystem as they pollinate flowers and disperse tropical plant seeds. There are many trees that are in …


  Flores de Mayo (English: "Flowers of May") is a Catholic festival held in the Philippines in the month of May. Lasting for a month, it is held in honor of the Virgin Mary. The Santacruzan refers to the pageant on the last day of Flores de Mayo, held in honour of Reyna Elena and Constantine finding the True Cross in Jerusalem.
    EtymologyThe name is derived from Flores, the Spanish word for "flowers". Also known as "Flores de Maria" ("Flowers of Mary") or "Álay" (Filipino for "offering"), the term refers to the festival as a whole. It was believed that "Flores" (short term for Flores de Mayo) originated in 1865 from the town of Malolos, Bulacan, when the young girls would make a floral offering to the Virgin Mary in the parish church.

   In the Bicol region, especially in the locality of Barangay Sabang in Naga City, the Flores de Mayo is held every Wednesday and Saturday of May. It is headed by the Legion of Mary…


What a year 1978 was!  Jimmy Carter was President to 222.6 million Americans whose life expectancy was 73.5 years. The U.S. Senate approved a treaty to turn over the Panama Canal to Panama by the year 2000. The Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XII. Both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I died. Jim Jones followers committed mass suicide in Jonestown. The first SPAMARAMA was held. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Menachim Begin and Anwar el-Sadat following their meetings with President Carter at Camp David. The first spam email was sent. Annie Hall won best picture. Hotel California was Record of the Year.

   You read it correctly, the first SPAMARAMA was held in 1978!  Two bar patrons—David Arnsberger and Dick Terry—and one bar owner— George Majewski—pooled resources, may have consumed some suds and established what has become an annual rite of Spring passage for Austin, Texas. Their thinking? BarBQ cook-offs, too easy. Chile Cook-offs, passé. Show us the brave souls who can present…