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It's unbelievable at the number of names witches are called from different countries and at different centuries in our history.  Plus let me not forget the types of "witchcraft" each one may practice compared to another one. Good or bad witch, male or female and even what kind of heritage you come from.  So here's a list of the different ones, all in alphabetical order.
Alexandrian- This tradition was begun in the 1960's by Alex Sanders.  Alex Sanders lived in England.  He used what are known to be slightly changed Gardnarian traditions and calls himself the "King of Witches."  Covens involve both men and women.British Traditional-This is, according to Silver RavenWolf a "mix of Celtic and Gardnarian beliefs."  Covens involve both men and women.  One can study a course and receive a degree in British Traditional Witchcraft.Celtic Wicca-Celtic Wicca focuses mainly on Celtic and Druidic gods and goddesses (along with a few other Anglo-Saxon p…