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This comes from  Have some fun a make a few of these for your party.
Paper decoration tutorial

I wanted to try my hand at making Martha's paper bag project from scratch. (Using book pages not paper bags.) And I thought I'd share my little adventure with you! You can make these with any kind of pretty paper that pleases you. These would make great party decorations so keep these in mind next time a birthday comes around.

The supplies you need are, 6 or 8 sheets of paper (I used 8 old book pages)double sided sticky tapescissorshole punchstring
Fold each paper to create the paper bag-like fold in the sides. Tape the seam into place. Make 8 of these. Punch a hole in the bottom of each one and cut the tops into a petal shape. Tape them all together placing a piece of tape just above each hole.


This uniquely American event began as a promotional effort by Pasadena's distinguished Valley Hunt Club. In the winter of 1890, the club members brainstormed ways to promote the "Mediterranean of the West." They invited their former East Coast neighbors to a mid-winter holiday, where they could watch games such as chariot races, jousting, foot races, polo and tug-of-war under the warm California sun. The abundance of fresh flowers, even in the midst of winter, prompted the club to add another showcase for Pasadena's charm: a parade would precede the competition, where entrants would decorate their carriages with hundreds of blooms. The Tournament of Roses was born.

   "In New York, people are buried in snow," announced Professor Charles F. Holder at a Club meeting. "Here our flowers are blooming and our oranges are about to bear. Let's hold a festival to tell the world about our paradise."
    During the next few years, the festival expand…


This recipe comes from .  Two of my favorite desserts together into one.  My Oh My!  Enjoy!

Oreo Cookies and Cream No-Bake Cheesecake ~ An adult dessert gets some kid lov’n with an Oreo crush.

Oreo Cookie and Cream No-Bake Cheesecake What kid doesn’t love Oreos, right? But not every kid likes cheesecake. Please tell me I am not the only one that acquired a taste for cheesecake through the years.
In fact, I think my first bite of cheesecake was at a Cheesecake Factory when I was in high school. But maybe that had more to do with my parents being very strict, old world Asians. They convinced my siblings and me that American restaurants were for Americans, along with other weird ideas like makeup was to be worn when I was 30-something and boyfriends were had after college graduation. And by that I mean after I became a doctor.
Yeah, so much for parental influence. Eventually we westernized my dad but never my mom. She’s still wondering which cult abducted me every…


The most famous ball in America will make it's decent into Times Square this December, ringing in more than just another "Happy New Year"! among fellow Americans. While it may be the largest New Year's Eve Ball ever to grace New York City. It may also be the most eco-friendly ball as well. The new ball is 20% more energy efficient than the previous one, which will make it a sure crowd pleaser for the many Americans who are becoming more eco-conscious. At 12 feet across and 11,875 pounds, the ball will be the largest ball to drop in Times Square since the beginning of the tradition. It also contains 2,668 Waterford Crystals and 32,256 LED's, which make the ball capable of producing more than 16 million colors and several billion patterns. It will be the most beautiful and breathtaking New Year's Eve Ball to date. But where did the idea for the ball come from? Who started this tradition, and when was the Waterford Crystal introduced into this famou…