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For a late night snack you have a craving for brain pudding instead of ice cream and pickles.(still might be all if you're a pregnant zombie)You start grunting a lot and pointing instead of speaking words. (more than just being in the bathroom)You drag your feet a lot while walking.Hygiene and using the bathroom are a thing of the past.You turn gray and green, your hair falls out occasionally, your teeth rot, and you become boney BECAUSE YOU'RE DEAD!!!You tend to sleep walk a lot with your eyes open.Hang out at the mall  to be with your dead friends. (I might be thinking of teenagers)Sometimes find a gutter to sleep in. ( more comfortable because you really don't care, BECAUSE YOU'RE DEAD!!!)Lose different body parts over time. ( ears, eyes, fingers, toes, hair, etc....)Often find yourself rummaging through the trash at the county dump. (almost like dumpster diving, except on a bigger scale!)The last time you changed clothes was 3 or 4 weeks ago.(imagine wearing the sa…