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We've probably all either read the Charles Dickens story or saw one adaptation / version of "A Christmas Carol".
    It has been done dozens upon dozens of times in some form with titles ranging from "A Christmas Carol", "Scrooge", and "Ebenezer" to more unique names such as "Scrooged" or "Mr. Scrooge". There are also versions with drastically different stories and titles like "Ms. Scrooge" or "An American Christmas Carol". I do enjoy most versions but since this is a top 10 I need to narrow it down to ten. Most of you have probably seen one of my top 10 because a few have played every year for decades.
   There have been female versions such as Ms. Scrooge (1997) (TV) with Cicely Tyson as Ms. Ebenita Scrooge and I believe there are a few others with titles I don't remember. Not to sound sexist but I don't care for these females versions at all. I'm not sure if any woman can fit the role…


Christmas is a Holy Christian observance that is often celebrated with imaginative, fanciful traditions from folklore and legend. Santa Claus is a legendary personality, similar to St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Sinterklass, and Julenisse. Christkindl, representing the Christ Child, started bringing small gifts to children in Germany during the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther, St. Nicholas, Santa Claus and German Christkindl.
    Christmas personalities are authority figures who bring gifts to good children. In some cultures the Santa Claus figure is feared because he knows all and sees all and may decide children are bad and leave nothing or something like a lump of coal.
    As people move around the world, traditions mix and change with time. The United States is a melting pot of cultures with different traditions observed by the many ethnic groups in the country. Likewise, many cultures may adopt the traditions of neighboring countries.
The following are some dif…


This simple, tastey treat comes to us from  Sometimes the simplest of thing give us the greatest pleasure.Peppermint Stick White Chocolate Marshmallows!
   Marshmallows are so versatile! There is always something you can do with them. Each year I love to make cookie platters for Christmas and I always include our marshmallow snowmen and another kind of dipped marshmallow! This year we tried something new and stuck a marshmallow on a peppermint stick and then dipped it in white chocolate and sprinkled with course sugar! This is actually extra tasty because as the peppermint stick sits in the marshmallow it infuses the peppermint taste into it! These would be really cute for a Christmas or holiday dessert table, all lined up! Hope you enjoy!