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Delicious pumpkin flavor and pumpkin pie spices make this treat a yummy way to celebrate the season. With only 30 minutes of hands-on time it's doable for a special dinner party or just a fun treat for the kids. This recipe is brought to you by

   Hands-On Time: 30 min.; Total Time: 1 hr., 44 min. (including Caramel-Rum Glaze).

Ingredients3/4 cup butter, softened1 (8-oz.) package cream cheese, softened2 cups sugar2 large eggs1 1/2 cups canned pumpkin1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract3 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice1/2 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon saltCaramel-Rum Glaze*Or Vanilla GlazeCaramel Stems, Leaves, and Vines (optional, instructions below)Preparation1. Preheat oven to 350°. Beat butter and cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each a…


Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate a different holiday everyday? Well, you can celebrate a national holiday everyday. There is a national food holiday for everyday of the year. That means that you can do something unique and serve a fun food that goes along with that day's holiday. November is one of the best times to celebrate national food holidays. Not only do we get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but there are 29 more days of great food holidays.

National Vinegar Day November 1:
 This can easily be one of the best food holidays, if you know some fabulous recipes. For example, make coleslaw or make pickled sausages. There are so many great ways to use this tangy ingredient.

National Deviled Egg Day November 2:
 Now this food holiday was definitely made for Southerners. To make delicious deviled eggs simply boil your eggs and then combine the yolks with some mayonnaise and crumbled bacon.

National Sandwich Day November 3: Skip the complicated dinner you had planned and serve ever…


This is a listing of actual holidays, believe it or not. Several web sites even offer electronic cards for you to send to friends and relatives to help celebrate !

November 1 - Bra Day
Whatever you do, don't burn your bra today! This holiday commemorates the date that Mary Jacob invented the first modern brassiere circa 1913 in New York.

November 2 - Practice Being Psychic Day
Today is "Practice Being Psychic" Day, and I am reading your mind right now. You are thinking "Why would anyone think up such a silly celebration?" I'm pretty good, don't you think?

November 3 - Sandwich Day
Happy Sandwich Day! This holiday celebrates the emergence of the sandwich, popularized in 1762 by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, an 18th century English aristocrat.

November 4 - Bad Mood Day
On this day, I suppose it is permissible to be in a bad mood for a 24 hour period. Celebrate this holiday at your own risk!

November 5 - National Doughnut Day
Today's celebrat…


This recipe is brought to us by .  Enjoy a piece of poison cake on Halloween, it's to die for! AH! AH! AH!

Halloween poison cake recipe
I know that many of you have seen vibrant coloured cakes for years. But back in the days when I was a kid, a cake with this colour was very special. This (Danish) cake bring back so many childhood memories to me and I have always known it as the The Poison Cake!

Basically it’s just an almond flavoured cake, coloured green. Green and perfect for Halloween! The cake is super moist and I like to eat it with a big glass of cold milk on the side.
On top of the cake is a thin spread of cocoa powder icing (powdered sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder) If you want it a little more festive, you can sprinkle some fun Halloween sprinkles on top.

Halloween poison cake
Preheat oven to 350 F (175 C)
9″x13″rectangle cake pan, prepared with parchment paper or cake release.

375 grams sugar (2 cups)
250 grams soft unsalted butter (9 oz…


This diy project comes from Good luck and have fun making this one of a kind Jack o' lantern.

   It’s October – let the season for Halloween crafts begin. And, what better way to start than with Halloween decorating ideas featuring pumpkins? First up is our Glittering Jack-’o-Lantern made with Krylon’s new Glitter Blast. When Krylon sent me sample cans of this sparkly, spray-on glitter finish, I knew I had to try it out on STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Glitter Blast is totally safe for STYROFOAM Brand Foam and comes in a dozen colors – imagine how it will make your holiday crafts shimmer!

Make several glittering jack-'o-lanterns and stand them in a row.
To make the Glittering Jack-‘o-Lantern, you’ll need:STYROFOAM Brand Foam, 12” x 5” cone (or other size of your choice)Krylon Gitter Blast: Starry Night, Orange BurstContact paperGlittered, sheer black ribbonGreen, glittered floral pickGlittered ravenNewspaperLow temp glue gun & glue sticksTools: Scissors;…


Since 1997, the Celtic Colours International Festival has featured hundreds of musicians from all over the Celtic world and attracted tens of thousands of visitors to Cape Breton Island. For nine days in October, Cape Breton Island is home to a unique celebration of music and culture as the Celtic Colours International Festival presents dozens of concerts all over the island, an extensive line-up of workshops, a visual art series of exhibitions, and a nightly Festival Club. Over the years, artists have traveled from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Brittany, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Cuba as well as from across the United States and Canada to join the finest of Cape Breton's musicians, singers, dancers, storytellers and tradition-bearers for the annual Autumn celebration.
   One of the things that sets Celtic Colours apart from the vast majority of festivals taking place around the globe is that it isn't limited to just one location. Communities around Cape Bre…


Overindulging in Halloween candy is bound to make anyone nauseous. Why not skip the teeth-rotting middleman and turn your stomach before you eat a thing? These ten repugnant candies should do the trick-or-treat.

1. Dracula Drool: This vile vial gets bonus gross-out points for its graphic name. It's not just blood, it's hemoglobin-stained saliva that dripped off the Count's slobbering fangs.

2. Vampire Hair: Candy hair would have made this list on its own; so would candy vampires. The combination in a flossy candy that explodes on your tongue puts it at No. 2. Also noteworthy is the revelation that Marge Simpson is indeed a vampire.

3. Forkz Candy Eyeballs: Who needs candy corn when you can get candy corneas? As if they're hors d'oeuvres at a monster mash party, these eyeballs have forks sticking out to really make them pop.

4. Pick 'n Lick: A giant sugar cotton swab gathers up globs of ear wax-colored powder. This is the eeriest candy here.

5. Toxic…