Monday, October 31, 2011


   This diy project comes from www.styrofoamcrafts.com. Good luck and have fun making this one of a kind Jack o' lantern.

   It’s October – let the season for Halloween crafts begin. And, what better way to start than with Halloween decorating ideas featuring pumpkins? First up is our Glittering Jack-’o-Lantern made with Krylon’s new Glitter Blast. When Krylon sent me sample cans of this sparkly, spray-on glitter finish, I knew I had to try it out on STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Glitter Blast is totally safe for STYROFOAM Brand Foam and comes in a dozen colors – imagine how it will make your holiday crafts shimmer!

Halloween decorating ideas.

Make several glittering jack-'o-lanterns and stand them in a row.

To make the Glittering Jack-‘o-Lantern, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam, 12” x 5” cone (or other size of your choice)
  • Krylon Gitter Blast: Starry Night, Orange Burst
  • Contact paper
  • Glittered, sheer black ribbon
  • Green, glittered floral pick
  • Glittered raven
  • Newspaper
  • Low temp glue gun & glue sticks
  • Tools: Scissors; rubber gloves; wire cutters

To make the Glittering Jack-’o-Lantern:

Krylon Glitter Blast on cone

Spray only the area of the cone where you will add your jack-'o-lantern face.
1. Before you start, carefully read the label on the can of Glitter Blast. Cover work area with newspapers.
2. Spray front of cone with Starry Night Glitter Blast. Let dry. (Glitter Blast darkens as it dries, so be careful to not overspray. If you overspray, the finish can run. Yes, I learned the hard way . . .) If you would like more color, spray on a second coat.
3. Cut jack-‘o-lantern face from contact paper. Remove backing from contact paper and adhere facial features to the painted area of the cone. Pay special attention to the edges of your pattern pieces.
4. Spray entire cone with Orange Burst Glitter Blast. It might take more than one coat to cover the Starry Night Glitter Blast. Let dry. Add second coat, if necessary.
5. Wrap top of cone with sheer, glittery black ribbon and glue ends with low temp glue.
6. Cut stem with leaves from floral pick. Insert stem into cone.
7. Glue raven to top of cone.

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