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This recipe come from . A truely mesmerizing drink!  Why didn't I think of this! Oh so good!  Vanilla milk with chocolate ice cubes, what a concept!

If you follow this blog a little from its infancy, you know that if I'm a fan of the use of chocolate in desserts and pastries as I appreciate the vision of its smoothness once melted, it does not, however, part of my favorite dishes from a standpoint of taste.

But like any rule there is an exception in this case, it takes the form of hot chocolate before whom I have a hard to resist and which is also my favorite winter drink.
In reality, I say "drink winter" but you may know from last year that they are not the seasons that stop me to enjoy this delicacy.
How in these circumstances to resist the call of Chocolate Ice SummerJean-Paul Hevin seen at Keiko , a simple chocolate milk reinterpreted in a fun and original in the form of ice that melt chocolate gently when mixing with milk delic…


The French have a phrase--ide'e fixe-- meaning to be obsessed with an idea to the exclusion of everything else. There is probably no better explanation for the growing of giant---approximately one thousand pound--pumpkins. In fact, in some sense, growing giant pumpkins has become a "big business". Although growing giant vegetables isn't restricted to pumpkins, the pumpkin is iconic for what would be called "Paul Bunyan" gardening. At the peak time of growth, a giant pumpkin can grow thirty to forty pounds a day, which is more than a pound per hour!

The Ultimate Experience-the Giant Pumpkin

    One quote says, "To err is human, a pumpkin is Da' Vine". The most carefully chosen pumpkin seeds, though, won't grow a world-class pumpkin without considerable planing and investment. Seeds may now be bought online. An internet search reveals many willing providers and forums dedicated to doing just that. The correct choice must match the temper…


The understanding and excitement of Juneteenth is growing at a phenomenal rate. Cities and States all across the U.S. and beyond are realizing the wonderful opportunity we have to come together in appreciation, reconciliation and commemoration. During Juneteenth we acknowledge the African American spirit and pay tribute to the roles and contributions which have enriched our society. The website provides a channel in which to connect and unite all whom share the vision of this celebration.
    Through the efforts of those at the grassroots level, to those on the state and national levels, Juneteenth celebrations are now held in most, if not all, 50 states. Over half have passed some form of legislation establishing Juneteenth as a Special Day of Recognition. Several other states have similar legislation pending. The recognition and honor of Juneteenth extends even beyond our borders. Expatriates, teachers, servicemen and others have continued their celebrations inte…