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This harvest festival is celebrated thrice a year. Impressive and very own dance forms and magical tunes of folk music create a soothing and charming environment for the natives and tourists. It’s an occasion when everyone congregates and dances with the tunes of Bihugeet. There are no religion barriers.

HISTORY OF BIHU    The state of Assam celebrates the most important festival, Bihu, with a lot of delight and joviality. The carnival which is celebrated with passion and vehemence marks the change of season. The history of the significant and noteworthy celebration dates back to 3500 B.C. At that point, it was one month long celebration. However, today it is celebrated thrice a year and each time for a week. The first Bihu is celebrated in April.
    It overlaps with the festivals like Chait, Baisakhi and Sankranti.
   People of Assam propitiate and thanks the Almighty for bountiful harvest. Astounding Assamese dance forms accompanied with Bihugeet (folk songs) mark the essence of…


This recipe and tutorial was found at .  These look great!  Since Valentines Day is right around the corner, they would be perfect instead of buying a box of chocolates.  Nothings better than homemade.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles So truffles are like really easy. And as it turns out completely beautiful without even one single colorful confetti sprinkle or jumbo red candy heart attached. I had to resist the urge you know. Last week when I made some ganache for those yummy butterscotch brownies, I realized it has been forever since I made chocolate truffles. Like since I was in college forever. And the best I can remember it was only that one time. So I wanted to make some more ganache and truffle it all up. But … ugh … I had no heavy whipping cream on hand and no desire to drive to the store. So I made these with cream cheese instead. Easy. Easy. Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Melt. Mix with Cream cheese, Chill. Scoop and roll. And then the fun part. You can coat…